2015년 6월 29일 월요일

The Apple Watch appeared to be a sleeper hit in Korea

Apple rolled out its smartwatch in Korea, one of the world's most competitive markets, drawing a good response from fans, but analysts cast doubt on its long-term success, citing a tough challenge from local brands.

More than 300 Apple fans lined up in front of Frisbee's Myeong-dong store in Seoul, braving the rain early Friday.
The Apple Watch appeared to be a bigger hit in Korea than other countries.
The news of famous K-pop idol singer standing in line to buy Apple watch became a hot topic among local Apple fans as well.

The release of Apple watch in Korea is expected to fuel a "war for the wrist" with Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and other smartwatch makers.

2015년 6월 27일 토요일

Which K-pop Idols has left their groups to pursue a career as an actor?

f(x)'s Sulli has announced that she will leave the group to focus on her acting career, as many fan's attention is on Kpop idols who has left group to pursue their acting career.

On 25th, Sulli is reported to have officially left f(x) to pursue a solo career in acting. This comes after months and months of speculation that the singer has not been active with f(x) for quite some time now.

Lee Joon and Thunder (Park Sang Hyun,) both of whom recently left idol group MBLAQ, are pursuing acting career as well.
Thunder is currently starring in MBC weekend drama "Make a woman cry"
Lee Joon has finished the shooting of SBS drama "Heard It Through the Grapevine" and waiting for release of his recent film the "The guests".

Sohee, one of the original members of the Wonder Girls, has starred in tvN's romantic comedy "Heart to Heart" which aired earlier this year after leaving the Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment in December 2013.
She is now with BH Entertainment and intends to focus on her acting career under her new management.

Kang Jiyoung, former member of the Kara, has been working as an actress in Japan after the withdrawal from the group.

2015년 6월 22일 월요일

Korean female celebritie's white mini dress style 2015

A white dress during the summer is steady item which many Korean female celebrities love to wear.
Many Korean stars appeared wearing a white colored outfit at the stage of recent drama and film premiere.
Last year, in 2015 S / S Seoul Fashion Week,  major designers showed off their newly designed white dress as well.

This season, the white mini dress combined with a uniquely woven lace and mesh material stands out.  In particular, using the mesh and lace see-through look can be seen quietly sexy, without severe exposure.

Actress Hwang Sun-hee completed her white casual chic style with wide pants and shirts.
If you match white shirt with slim pants or capri pants above the ankle line, it can look more stylish while look active.
If you don't feel comfortable with all-white look, you can match white with light beige, pink or sky blue colored items to add more brightness.

2015년 6월 16일 화요일

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke coming to Korea for "Terminator Genisys" promotion.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke will visit South Korea to promote the fifth installment in the "Terminator" series at the end of this month.

Schwarzenegger will arrive in Seoul on June 30 for a three-day visit during which he will attend various events including a news conference to promote "Terminator Genisys," Lotte Entertainment said.

Emilia Clarke, who plays Sarah Connor, mother to Resistance leader John Connor, will also come to South Korea on July 1-2 to join promotional activities with Schwarzenegger.

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, who plays a supporting role, is currently shooting “The Magnificent Seven." in the United States (Director, Anton Fuqua) and it is undecided whether he will attend to promote the film in Korea or stay out of the public limelight.
Ever since the cheating and blackmail scandal incident earlier this year, Lee has maintained a low profile, while shooting other Hollywood films such as “Rush Hour 4” and “The Magnificent Seven.”

2015년 6월 14일 일요일

Close games between EXO, Big Bang, and Lee Seung Gi on K-pop music chart this week.

Group Big Bang, EXO and Lee Seung Gi are neck and neck on various online music charts this week.

On 12th, Big Bang's new song "Bang Bang Bang" took the number one spot on Melon Music and Genie music chart. In the same time, EXO's "Love Me Right" topped Bugs Music chart.

Meanwhile, Prince of Ballads Lee Seung Gi also demonstrated his powerful influence in the music world after reaching number one on Genie, Olleh, Soribada, and Monkey3. He also ranked number 2 on Naver and number four on Melon upon the release of his song.

Singer Lee Seung Gi and JYP Entertainment rookie soloist Baek A Yeon each returned with new songs in the past month, and it seems like South Korea can't get enough of them. The second week of June saw the two songs move past many K-pop acts in popularity on charts, and threaten top K-pop groups like EXO and Big Bang.

2015년 6월 7일 일요일

YG Entertainment has denied 2NE1's disbandment rumors again

YG Entertainment has denied 2NE1 Disbandment Rumors again in recent interview.
On 6th, the YG official said "it is not even worth respond to ridiculous rumors and 2NE1 has  plans to make new songs this year."

One day before the YG Entertainment's official statement regarding the rumor, some media claimed that in fact 2NE1 was pursuing the disbandment stage.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 debuted in 2009, their first EP spawned the number-one single "I Don't Care", which won them the "Song of the Year" award at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their follow-up singles, such as "Go Away", "Lonely" and "I Am the Best" were similarly successful.

2015년 6월 3일 수요일

Busan city will start using safety monitoring drones on the Haeundae Beach this summer

Drone aircraft will begin safety monitoring on the Haeundae Beach of Busan city this summer.

Busan city is hoping to use drones to save lives using two unmanned drone during peak season.
Two drones will begin to test-operate starting from middle of next month.

Lifeguards are using the equipment to rescue swimmers.

The drones are controlled from the beach.

Busan city is planning to attach float on the bottom of the drone as well as on-board full HD monitoring camera so that they can drop a float to swimmers quickly, as the lifeguard swims to the rescue.

2015년 6월 2일 화요일

Samsung's new hunger marketing strategy for Galaxy S6

Online pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition have already sold out in Korea. The handset will also be available in China and Hong Kong in June. On May 28, a spokesperson for Samsung said, “Thanks to the phone's huge popularity, it was sold out less than one day after the start of advance sales,” adding, “Its limited sales will also start in China and Hong Kong next month.” -
This is the first time Samsung has released a limited edition which is big success.
"Hunger marketing" which restrict the supply of products to induce customers to buy is becoming new industry trend in Korea.

At first, the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition was only going to be sold in Korea through its partnership with Marvel. However, it will be available in other countries as well, in line with its huge popularity. The fact that online pre-orders were only for 1,000 customers on a first-come first-served basis forced the Internet site that sold the device offline due to demand. In the end, the server crashes continued until early in the morning, and a message was posted at 6 a.m, which said, “The device is no longer available.”

Another typical company that still uses hunger marketing is Apple. For many years, Apple has been successful in using hunger marketing and therefore has elevated its brand value far up the ladder. Their products, such as the MacBook computer, iPhone and iPad were considered as among the most innovative products in the electronics market. Apple’s unique designs and programs have indeed been loved over the years by many customers, and when demand for Apple products outpaced supply, customers wanted Apple products even more. Today, one technology company following the example of Apple is Xiao Mi, a Chinese smartphone company. Xiao Mi did not only restrict the amount of supply but also limited its store only to the Internet: when Xiao Mi launched its smartphone, the company sold its limited supply only online at an attractive low price. Of course, the company had caught many consumers’ attention and started using hunger marketing. The result of the marketing was astounding: all of Xiao Mi smart phones were sold out within five seconds.

Even though hunger marketing brings a lot of benefits to a company, it does not always work effectively and also cannot be used with any product. For hunger marketing to be successful, the product should be unique, meaning that potential buyers should not be able to find the substitute products easily. Although hunger marketing allows producers to charge a higher price than previously advertised, the strategy also runs the risk of public backlash. Despite the chance of increasing brand value, the company might also go through a side effect of losing potential customers if waiting times for products become more than the public can bear. The company’s reputation might decline even further when a product turns out to be disappointing after a long waiting period.