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Top model Han Hye Jin posted photo wearing famous shoe before Nike Sacai launch in Korea

Nike Sacai, a collaborative product of famous designer Chitose Abe Sacai and Nike, has been launched in Korea.

On May 14th, Han Hye-jin posted a photo which showed her Nike Sakai wearing a sportswear through her instagram.

She added that there has been flood of inquiries about purchasing.
Han Hye-jin asked, "is this sneakers insa (short for Insider)?" I was asked too many questions about where to buy this shoe... what to do. I got it as gift. I'm sorry I could not be any help. "

On NIKE official website on 16th, NIKE Sacai sales draw was held and it attracted the attention of the enthusiasts because only the winner gets the opportunity to buy it on online lottery sale.

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"Do not be fooled, it is still Korea" 6 Exotic domestic destinations in Korea

If it is difficult to travel overseas for reasons such as cost and time, there is a good alternative.
How about looking for an exotic local tourist destinations in Korea?
The Korea Tourism Organization has selected six exotic tourist attractions as a recommended destination to visit in April.

The Mediterranean village at Asan city, Tangjeong-myeonDogo-myeon, in Chungcheongnam province has a blue-roof and pastel-tone fence.
This former vineyard was transformed with the architectural style of the Greek islands facing the Mediterranean Sea and southern France.
The alley with 64 buildings is divided into Santorini, Parthenon and Provencal areas.
There are workshops, restaurants and souvenir shops, and at night, the lighting of the Milky Way lights up the atmosphere.
There are about 3000 different kinds of plants from worldwide at flower Botanical Garden in Dogo-myeon, Asan city. Entering the large greenhouse, the red Begonia flower tunnel boasts a spring atmosphere along with pond gardens and maze gardens.

One of Seoul Itaewon's hidden attractions.
There are several halal food specialty shops in Korea's first Muslim Korean Muslim center in Seoul and its surroundings, creating an exotic atmosphere.
At the same time, old residential areas and alleys remained intact and very Korean.
The laundry and hairsalons that kept the town for a long time, and the new workshop and café which are new to it, make a harmonious blend.
It is a steep hill road. You can look down on Itaewon city center from roof top cafe or bar. There are a lot of interesting places around the road such as Itaewon antique furniture street where the atmosphere seems to have shifted Europe, and vinyl and plastic which enjoy analogue sound of LP and CD are nearby.

Ansan is the area where most foreigners live in Korea.
As of January 2019, about 86,000 people from 107 countries live in Ansan. Of these, 21,000 people from 57 countries live in Won gok-dong.
Won-gok-dong area has been designated as a special district of multicultural village in 2009 by recognizing this particularity.
The Ansan City World Cultural Experience Center is a place where you can experience the culture of more than 50 countries including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Congo and Nigeria.
You can see about 1400 exhibits including musical instruments, dolls, masks and clothes.
An abundance of food is also an unforgettable experience of Ansan Multicultural Village.
There are 184 catering restaurants from various countries including China, Indonesia, Nepal, India and Vietnam centering on multicultural food streets.
62 of them are employing local professional chefs in accordance with the recommendation system for local cooks by the Ansan Residents Support Center.

In Chuncheon city, Gangwon province, Korean can feel the atmoshere of Ethiopia in East Africa.
It is thanks to Ethiopia Korean War Veterans Memorial located on the waterfront. It was a place to honor Ethiopian troops' work and sacrifice during the Korean War and shaped traditional Ethiopian houses.
Ethiopian culture such as coffee as well as dispatch process and battle record during Korean War can also be seen here. The Ethiopian house across the road is a café with Ethiopia theme dating from 1968 before the memorial was built.
The Emperor of Ethiopia sent the name of the cafe and the golden lion, which is the symbol of the imperial family, and sent the coffee beans from royal family until 74.

Daewongsa, located in Boseong, Jeonnam Province  is an opportunity to meet the Buddhist culture of Korea and Tibet.
Walking along the 5.5 km long cherry blossom ramp, you can see the exotic pagoda comes first. It is a Tibetan pagoda called 'Chorten'.
There is a harmony of white and white flag 'Tarchos' with a 15m high white magnificent Sumi Gwangmyung tower.
Opposite is the Tibetan Museum built in Tibetan style.
You can participate in Tibetan cultural experience or temple stay with your acquaintances.
The Bongseong-gun Baekmin Museum, Seo Jae-pil Memorial Park and Taebaek Mountains Literary Museum are within five minutes from Daewonsa Temple.

The German village in  Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam province is a town where Korea miners and nurses who left Germany in the 60s and 70s returned for retirement. More than 40 German-style buildings with white walls, orange tiles and roofs create an exotic landscape.
Korean German built traditional German-style houses with locally imported construction materials.
There are also many restaurants where you can taste German food such as German sausages, beer and bread.
A horticultural art village is located on the lower hill above German village.
The theme parks around the world was bulit in the area of about 163,500㎡ such as the French gardens emulate the gardens of the Versailles palace, Japanese gardens that blend rocks and stone, modern American gardens, and windmills in a stunning Dutch garden.

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What Seolhyun wore to the Gucci 2019 Fall / Winter Collection fashion show

Seolhyun of girl group AOA, who has nickname "Gucci lady," has been invited to Milan fashion week 'Gucci 2019 FW fashion show'.

Seolhyun attended the show as a representative of Korea at Gucci 2019 Fall / Winter Collection fashion show held at Gucci Hub on 20th and stood side by side with foreign celebrities.

Seolhyun wore the SS19 collection of Gucci costumes on the day.
A dark colored suede jacket and a red skirt were put on to emphasize elegance and she finished the style with a silver shoe and a red mini Gucci Zumi bag.

SeolHyun previously revealed invitation to this fashion show which is Hermaphrodite mask in Greek mythology on her SNS.
Hermaphrodite is the theme of this Gucci collection.

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Tourist attractions with Free Admissions on Seollal(Korean lunar New Year's days).

Known as Seollal, Korean New Year is the first day of the lunar Korean calendar. It is the most important of the traditional Korean holidays.
During this national holidays, large number of places that charge admission fees open free of charge.
Here are places which open for free during Seollal to go with family, friends, and lovers.

The four ancient palaces in Seoul.
Gyeongbuk Palace, Changdeok Palace, Changgyeong Palace, Deoksugung Palace, etc. during the Lunar New Year holidays
These palaces open for free as well as Jongmyo Shrine and the Royal Tomb of Joseon.

Let's have a meaningful time feeling the ancient Korean dynasty's track on the occasion of the national holiday.

Period: February 2nd to February 6th

Visiting hours: vary by location

Highly recommended for family.

National Museum of Contemporary Art

National Museum that presents quality exhibitions opens for free during Seollal.
There are also events that give away calendars and free invitations on a first-come first-served basis.

Recommend if you want to have a quiet time away from a crowded place

Locations: Seoul Hall, Deoksugung Palace, Gwacheon Hall

February 4th to February 6th

Visiting hours: vary by location

Suggested for couple or solo

Suwon Hwaseong, Hwaseong Fortress

Admission is free on New Year's Day.

Why don't you walk through the castle road and reflect on your New Year's resolutions?.

Period: February 6th

Visiting time: 09:00~17:00

Suggested for family

Damyang Jungnogwon

Place where you can stroll through the forest and relieve your daily stress.
Damyang Jungnogwondo is famous for bamboo forest

It is open free on New Year's Day.

Period: February 6th

Visiting time: 09:00~18:00

Suggested for parents

Baekdudaegan Mountain Range arboretum

The National Baikon Arboretum offers free admission to visitors born in the Year of the Pig and family within 4 people and visitors wearing Hanbok on Seollal period.

It progress several traditional field works such as ice sledding and top-spinning game and write down your New Year's wishes and hanging on a rope.

Period: February 4th, February 6th (5th is closed)

Visiting time: 09:00~17:00

Recommended for family

Bonte Museum

The Natural History Museum, a famous place in Jeju offers free admission for children under 6th grade of elementary school only on New Year's Day.
Parensts can watch various art works and talk about art with their children.

Period: February 6th

visiting Time: 10:00~18:00

Suggested for children.

2019년 1월 28일 월요일

Why Hongdae Street is changing like Japan these days?

In the area of Hapjeong and Hongik university recently, one can easily see Japanese-style buildings recently.
Japanese language covering the entire building and Japanese Traditional Wooden Architecture.
Without the occasional mixture of Korean words It's hard to tell whether this is Japan or Hongdae.

Even in Gangnam, beyond Hongdae and Hapjeong area, Japanese-style exterior and interior design Izakaya, a Japanese-style bar has been gaining popularity for many years.

According to Korea restaurant industry, the biggest reason for the popularity of Japanese style dining in Korea is that Korean traveling to Japan has been tripled in the last 5 years.
Korean tourists who ate in Japan and want to feel Japanese atmosphere are looking for Japanese style restaurants in Korea.
Japan is usually the first overseas destination for many Korean and they experienced Japanese food by finding themselves local famous restaurants while they were traveling in Japan.

Under this influence, centering on Hongdae and Yeonnam-dong, restaurants that sell Japanese homemade food are as popular as Izakaya and popping up everywhere.

The success of these Japanese-style restaurants depends on how well they implement local flavors.
Korean customers tend to prefer local taste and atmosphere to Koreanized japanese food nowadays.
That's why dishes like 'Japanese style tempura rice bowl "Tendon" and 'Omacase' where the chef provides the course, are popular in Korea.

Japanese alcohol beverage consumption in Korea is also increasing.
According to Korean customs service in 2018, compared to 2014 imports of Japanese beer have increased by 175% and import of fermented wine including sake has incresed 67.5% more than four years ago.

Instead of traveling to Japan, Why don't you head to Hongdae this weekend?