2015년 10월 27일 화요일

Number of International Students in Korea Surpassed 100,000 in 2015

Overseas students registered at Korean universities surpassed a 100,000 mark for the first time with the largest group coming from China.

Since "Korean wave" has been sweeping the Asian countries and many Korean universities are improving the favorable conditions offered to international students to encouraging them to enroll, number of international students in Korea has been increased close to 10 times within 10 years.

According to report released by Ministry of Justice on 26th, number of overseas students enrolled in Korean universities are 102,117 as of late September.

By nationality, China led “by a clear margin” with more than 61,940 enrolments followed by Vietnam(6953), Mongolia(4358), Japan(2658) and USA(1524).

Korean government hopes to build overseas enrolments to 200,000 by 2020, by pledging to make universities more foreigner-friendly.

2015년 10월 26일 월요일

Actress Ha Ji Won donates for young patients "a smile to the children who suffer."

Fans were full of praise for Actress Ha Ji Won's good deed recently.

On 26th, nonprofit medical service organization, NGO Operation Smile said all proceeds from the the sale of actress's peekaboo bag from Fendi will be donated to performs surgery on children suffering from facial deformation such as cleft lip from birth.

Actress Ha Ji Won is the first Asian woman who was selected to promote the organization, and a second Asian celebrity to promote the organization after Jackie Chan.
Ha Ji Won completed the handbag design herself and said "I was inspired by the bright and positive lyrics from You are the Universe by The Brand New Heavies, a song containing my motto in life."

Ever since Ha Ji won was selected as the International Smile Ambassador and visited Vietnam to attend the 25th anniversary event of Operation Smile in 2014, she has continued to practice good deeds for children who suffering from facial deformities.

2015년 10월 24일 토요일

Upcoming K-Pop Comebacks in October 2015 / IU, Shin Seung Hoon, f(x)

Although summer is over, October is set to be full of new comebacks.

Starting with IU who has just made her comeback with her full album "CHAT-SHIRE" on 23, f(x)is making a comeback on October 27 and "King of Ballads" Shin Seung Hoon will make his comeback on October 29.

IU is back with a new song titled ’23’. This song is unlike any other of her old songs as it is extremely upbeat and it is to mark her age ’23’! This song explores the inner feelings and thoughts of IU as she sings about what she thinks as a 23 year old.
"Twenty-Three" appeared in the number one spot across several domestic music charts immediately after its release on Friday.

Singer Shin Seung-hun will also release his 11th album later this month.
Shin's first full-length album in nine years will celebrate his 25-year-long singing career.
The album will be released in two parts. The first series of the album is set to be released online on Oct. 29 and the second part of the album in early November.
With the release of the album, Shin will hold a concert in Seoul from Dec. 4 to 6 to meet his long-awaited fans.

On Oct. 21, f(x)'s label SM Entertainment released a series of teaser images, three of which show the location and time of f(x)'s exhibition for the album while the fourth image reveals a large "4" made of blocks, with the first letter of each of the member's name in each corner.
The special exhibition, called '4 Walls', will be held every day from October 21-26 from 8-12 PM and is said to be a "unique, innovative promotion."

The album will be released at midnight on Oct. 27 through various music sites. All of f(x)'s albums have had an experimental, distinctive concept that differentiates them from other pop groups and shows the members' unique colors, and "4 Walls" is said to continue that trend.

2015년 10월 23일 금요일

iPhone 6S / 6S PLUS Launch in South Korea on Friday

In South Korea, the new iPhone hit store shelves on Friday(23rd), and some eager buyers have been started lining up since Thursday morning.

Since Apple has implemented a new reserve-then-pick-up system from iPhone 6S AND PLUS, number of customers waiting in line in front of store have been significantly reduced compared to last year.
Not a huge crowd but a few die-hard fans have camped out near the Apple's store, Frisbee in Myeongdong, central Seoul braving the bad weather, full of fine dust on Friday.

About 60 people were waiting in front of Frisbee store in Myeongdong before 8 a.m.
Apple Stores across Korea open at 8 a.m. local time Friday for people who've reserved their iPhones or who didn't order online and want to be among the first people to get their hands on Apple's latest smartphone.

Apple's iPhone 6s / 6s Plus pre-orders sold out in the first few minutes of opening on the back of strong demand from Apple loyalists in South Korea

The three local mobile carriers, SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus also competed to attract customers, holding events and offering differentiated services and diverse phone plans for new iPhone users.

2015년 10월 21일 수요일

FENDI’s PEEKABOO Project with Three Female Celebrities in Seoul

Famous Italian fashion house, Fendi has teamed up with three Korean female celebrities to create one of a kind Peekaboo bags for a charity auction that will raise funds for UNICEF, NGO and Social Welfare Society for various humanitarian aid efforts such as helping victims of child abuse.

Followed by the charity projects in London and Tokyo, FENDI’s PEEKABOO Project moves to Seoul.
Three iconic women, the olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna and actress Ha Jiwon and Ko So Young who have a lot of influence in Korean culture are invited to working closly with Silvia Venturini Fendi and Fendi artisans and came together to personalize their own Peekaboo bags and created one of a kind piece.

Their pictures with Peekaboo bags were released on November issue of Elle magazine and these bags will be available to purchase through a dedicated online auction site from Oct 31st to Nov 10th.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the international medical NGO 'Operation Smile' which performs surgery on children suffering from facial deformation such as cleft lip from birth and Social Welfare Society to support single mothers and babies given up for adoption

2015년 10월 18일 일요일

Trench Coat Styling Autumn 2015 in Korea

A classic trench never goes out of style.
The trench coat is the one absolute must-have piece of clothes for fall season.
Here are few ways to wear yours — as illustrated by some of chic Korean female celebrities.

When you wear a trench coat, one of biggest worry every woman come across is an awkward fit.
While some trench coats have been made in a fitted cut, the classic, the traditonal cut is very roomy so choose what feels right to you.
Usually choosing a properly fitting trench which is right length for your shoulder and height look more neat than oversized ones.
Though, an ankle-length coat might be overwhelming for a smaller frame while an above-the-knee coat will help elongate your legs. The opposite is true for taller women, who should avoid short coats which would only elongate the legs further.

In addition, wearing  casually inside trench coat such as achromatic-colored t-shirts with jean or neat black pants can be more stylish.

The trench coat is versatile, you can wear it over casual outfit such as denim jean or short dress for everyday occasion or in the evening over elegant dress or wear it like one-piece dress by buttoning and tying the belt tight to hold waistline.

2015년 10월 16일 금요일

Samsung is releasing its Silver Titanium and Pink Gold model of the Galaxy Note 5 in South Korea

To secure its domestic market share, Samsung is releasing its Silver Titanium and Pink Gold model of the Galaxy Note 5 on the same day Apple will launch sales of its new iPhone in South Korea.
Apple will launch sales of its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in South Korea on Oct. 23.

Apple introduced a new rose gold color option on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and it proved to be quite popular with buyers.
Samsung has apparently taken notice of the color’s popularity.

There’s no word on if or when the phone will be made available in the United States in these new colors.

2015년 10월 14일 수요일

GOT7's latest fashion and style

JYP‘s boy group GOT7 has made a comeback with the new album 'MAD' in Sep.
After their mini-album release in July and getting actively popular with "JUST RIGHT" this can be considered a fast comeback.
Through their new album 'MAD,' GOT7 showed off a new dark and strong charisma image.

GOT7 members showed off a stylish masculinity even on stage.
From a dandy black suit to an intense street look, their new styling also suits well with dark mood of their new song 'If you do'.

GOT7 began television promotions starting with the October 1st episode of Mnet ‘M Countdown,’ where they performed their title song ‘If You Do.’
At the 'M Countdown'stage, all members emphasized the dandy masculinity wearing a black suit.
They all donned a black look but highlighted their own fashion style in distinguished ways by wearing different tops inside jacket.
From a unique picture printing t-shirt to stripe and sexy mesh t-shirt, they all showed off various styles.

On Oct,4 GOT7 members showed off the all-black styling from leather riders jacket  to clean lines shirt and ripped t-shirt on SBS 'Inkigayo'stage.
As usual, chic and trendy wearing items such as enamel shoes and ankle boots.
Especially rapper Bambam's black leather choker drew fan's attention.

GOT7 members showed off their unique street fashion in their lastest album jacket and MBC's Show Music Core's stage as well.
All 7 members completed an impressive denim styling dressed in ripped jeans with different colors and tones matched with unique t-shirts such as leopard and skull printed t-shirt.

2015년 10월 9일 금요일

Three Top Korean Actresses With New Chic Short Haircuts

They say that when a woman changes, it is not her fault.
For the character or to change their images, many actresses drastically change their appearance for a specific role.

3 Korean top actress, Kim Tae Hee, Moon Geun Young and Lee Young Ae cut their hair short for their acting careers recently.

Kim Tae Hee cut her hair into a straight lob in recent SBS drama “Yong-pal,” for a scene where she had to cut her own hair. She also dyed her hair orange brown which accentuates her flawless fair skin as well as a perfect fit for her chairwoman character. For Kim’s trendy hair, cut your hair into a medium bob, blow-dry the hair with an unlimited spherical brush and roll the ends.

Actress Moon Geun Young cut her hair short for the first time in five years for her upcoming role in the SBS drama, "The Village: Achiara's Secret."

In late September, Newsen published a photo featuring the actress and her newly shorn locks. According to the report, the last drama where the actress sported short hair was the 2010 drama, "Cinderella Sister."
The star added quite loose but precise curls to her medium bob hair which looked stylish as well.

“Dae Jang-geum” star Lee also went for a short bob alongside a side fringe.
On the October editions of fashion magazines JLOOK and Noblesse, photos of Lee Young Ae have been revealed.
In the photos, Lee Young Ae has departed from her long hair and has completely transformed into a chic, elegant woman with her new short haircut.

She will return to the small screen with a period flick “Saimdang,” which will unfurl the story of a talented art professor who finds the secret diary of Shin Saimdang, a historic Korean figure, unraveling the mystery behind her. With Lee Young-ae playing a dual role of the professor and Saimdang, the drama is set to show up on airwaves next year on the SBS in Korea.

2015년 10월 4일 일요일

The Hill of Wind in SBS Drama 'Yong Pal'

Hill of wind which appeared in the final episode of drama 'Yong Pal' is the talk of the town.

In episode 18(final) which aired on Oct 1, Yeo-jin(Kim Tae Hee) survived second phase of liver cancer with the help of Tae-hyun(Joo Won) and chief Lee(Jung Woong-in).
On the top of hill, two shared a kiss showing love toward each other right before surgery

On the way to the windy hill, Tae-hyun carries Yeo-jin on his back and jokes that she’s heavy.

They’ve finally made it to the top and Yeo-jin wonders why it took them so long to return to this place. Tae-hyun takes out the ring from its box and places it on Yeo-jin’s finger.

Yeo-jin marvels at how pretty it is, and Tae-hyun sheds a tear before repeating that if a couple shares a kiss here a second time, they’ll never part. And then Tae-hyun goes in for a soft kiss that leads to another and then another.

The place called "the hill of the wind" in drama is the Samyang Daegwallyeong Ranch located in Odaesan National Park.

2015년 10월 2일 금요일

SBS Wednesday Thursday drama 'Yong Pal' ends with success

It was not bad start for "Yong Pal," and its last episode recorded 20.4% viewership to end as number one drama in its time slot.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the last episode of drama which aired on Oct 1 achieved an 20.4% viewer rating, which is a 2.0% increase from its previous viewer rating of 18.4%.

In last episode, Tae Hyun (Joo Won) is united with Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) surviving the surgery with Tae Hyun as chief of surgery and had happy ending.

The other dramas in this time slot include MBC's “She Was Pretty” (10.2%), and KBS 2TV "God of Trade-Gaekjoo"(6.7%).

2015년 9월 23일 수요일

Knitwear styling fall/winter 2015 in Korea

The fall/winter 2015 fashion season is almost upon us.
After months of sweat, heat and late summer nights - it's nice to just wrap yourself in layers and knits, and enjoy the new season with cozy and warm knit sweater and knit accessories which will provide extra warmth whiile look more stylish.
With harsher weather on the horizon, we turn our attention to the major fall/winter 2015 knitwear trends.

If you want to emphasize on pure and innocent look, let's match knit and dress.
Long knit sweater with long one piece dress and long knitted sweater with a short one piece dress are both decent combinations.
Make sure your knit top is not too tight and matching cross mini bag can add cute charm while ankle boots and oxford shoe can complete chic style.

If you want to emphasize the cozy warmth of a knitted sweater, choose the sweater in contrast to the outfits in dark(black) color to complet the eye-catching styling even from a distance.

While the tone on tone styling on knit sweater can give a natural, stable feel, it can also produce a variety of feelings for each color.
For example, ivory colors give more feminine look while the styling of the blue(denim) adds more vividness and black and white gives a sophisticated feel.

Also, knit accessories are essential items for fall/winter season such as knit muffler and hats.

2015년 9월 22일 화요일

Movie 'veteran' shows no signs of cooling down in Korean box-office

Crime action movie 'veteran' is this year's top grossing movie and the film shows no signs of cooling down in Korean box-office while
taking on new record challenge to become the  top grossing Korean film of all time.

According to the Korea Film Council on 21, "Veteran" had drawn a total of 12.78 million and 6610 spectators as of Monday since its release on Aug. 7. It became the sixth most successful movie in the history of Korean cinema, moving past "Assassination" which drew some 12.68 million since its release on July 24.

At the current pace, "Veteran" will likely outpace "Miracle in Cell No. 7," the 5th most popular Korean movie ever with 12.81 million spectators.

Starring Hwang Jung-min, Yoo Ah-in, Yoo Hae-jin and Oh Dal-su, is about a veteran detective who confronts the arrogant and cruel heir of a rich family as the detective delves into the mysterious death of a truck driver.

2015년 9월 16일 수요일

Actor Lee Min-ho won the lawsuit over misuse of image right

Actor Lee Min-ho won the lawsuit filed against the three local cosmetic companies to ban masks which used his image and name in promoting the products.
Accordingly, all sales of unauthorized mask packs including product called “Lee Min-ho’s Hempseed Oil Pack" will be prohibited in the future and products and promotional photos posted on the sales site will be also deleted.

His agency Starhaus Entertainment revealed on Monday that the Seoul Western District Court announced Sept. 9 that the cosmetics companies’ act of selling face mask sheets portraying the Hallyu star without signing any contracts with the celebrity’s agency is illegal. The court has thereby granted an injunction banning the sale of the mask sheets with Lee’s image.

The wrapper of the package, which contains hempseed oil packs, shows an image of Lee Min-ho from the SBS drama “Faith," which aired in 2012

2015년 9월 10일 목요일

Giuseppe Zanotti launched a new shoe collection collaborating with G-Dragon

New York-based Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti has launched a capsule collection on two shoes completely redesigned in collaboration with the G-Dragon.
It’s no secret that Zanotti enjoys working with recording artists—Rita Ora, FKA Twigs and Nicki Minaj have all worn his designs for performances.

Zanotti says he’s impressed by G-Dragon’s unique musical style. “I love to work with other artists and brainstorm on the creative process,” he says.

The unisex styles—one lace-up dress shoe and one loafer—are hand-embellished with fragments of glitter in what Zanotti says is a nod to ‘80s rock bands.

G-Dragon says he decided to work with Zanotti after witnessing his passion for design. “From the beginning that gave me confidence and trust in this project,” says G-Dragon. “I thought he could be a great partner and mentor for someone like me who doesn’t have much experience creating shoes.”

The two styles will be available in October on GiuseppeZanottiDesign.com and in Giuseppe Zanotti retail locations worldwide.

2015년 7월 27일 월요일

Movie "Assassination" has stormed into the record books to score the highest in opening week

Action movie "Assassination" has stormed into the record books to score the fastest grossing Korean movie in 2015.

The film has reached 3 million audience mark in its first opening week.

On 27th, according to Korean film council, "Assassination" topped the box office this weekend reaching 3,361,998 audience as of sunday.

Set in Shanghai and Seoul in the 1930s when Korea was a colony of Japan, the star-studded film depicts three Korean independence fighters teaming up to assassinate the commander of the Japanese troops in Korea and a Korean business tycoon with ties to Japan.

Among the actors in the leading roles are Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Jung-jae and Ha Jung-woo.

2015년 7월 23일 목요일

World’s First Reclining Bed Cinemas Opens In Seoul and Busan

On July 22 global premium mattresses brand, Tempur announced that it has opened the bed cinemas, dubbed “Tempur Cinemas” at the CGV Cine de Chef locations in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul and Centum City in Busan, a joint venture with CJ CGV, Korea's largest cinema chain.

Tempur Cinema is the world’s first reclining bed cinemas that combines the Tempur's reclining electric bed with functional mattress.

The beds are functional electric beds that enable the audience to adjust the angles of the bed for their heads, upper bodies and legs at the touch of a button. Although there are some bed cinemas in other countries, audiences have felt somewhat uncomfortable to watch movies on flat beds in a theater. These reclining beds have redressed that drawback, offering a more pleasant viewing environment.

The CGV Cine de Chef will provide a “Bed Tray” service that allows moviegoers to enjoy French and Italian dishes cooked by its best chefs while watching a movie.

Cinema provide free mineral drinking water, cookie, disposable slipper and ticket prices is 40,000 won ($35,meal service not included)

2015년 7월 14일 화요일

What to wear to work today? Korean female celebrities's office wear styling in summer 2015

What to wear to work today? this is one of biggest worry every working girl come across in summer season.
Here are few Korean female celebrities's office outfit looks to stay neat and stylish while beating the heat this summer.

Women's pants are very important for every woman's wardrobe, as they are extremely versatile and can be worn with different kind of tops.
The wide-legs are the key trend look of this season. Try them for wearing at work, as well as for theaters and operas.
If you have a curvy bottom and wide hips, then it's better to try on wide-legs.
In particular, the wide black pants and white blouse are perfect match and essential fashion item for working woman.

To beat the heat in style, many Korean working woman turn to one-piece dress which is cool, airy and easy to wear.
You don't need to worry about top and bottom color match either.
Silk dress usually suit better for those who want to look mature and feminine.
For those who sweat a lot, dress made of linen fabric is cool to wear.

For those who want less exposure or work in the workplace with restriction on short dresses, you can try partial see through or cut out fashion item to look stylish while staying cool.
We have no choice but to get creative when it comes to dressing for the inevitably sweaty journeys that we take daily.

2015년 7월 10일 금요일

f(x)'s Sulli Goes On A Trip To Europe

Recently two photos titled "Sulli's whereabouts" has been posted on online community bulletin.
As can be seen from these pictures, member of girl group "f(x)" has been spending her break touring various countries in Europe such as Greece and Italy.

In the photo, Sulli showed off her milky skin with sexy lips with dark red lipstick.
She boasts a beautiful look invariably while looking more mature.

In another picture she showed off her curves with friend in front of the Parthenon in Athens.

Recently Sulli was rumored to depart from f(x) to pursue an acting career.
Representatives for her agency, SM Entertainment stated that Sulli has not decided to depart from the group, but the agency is cautiously deciding her next steps.

2015년 7월 8일 수요일

Korean female celebrities with see-through fashion 2015

As the hot summer is approaching, more and more Korean female celebrities shows off a see-through style at recent movie premiere.
Transparency was Summer 2015's strongest trend. See-through clothing, shoes and accessories were all over the runways and fans loved it.

One of online Korean fashion magazine selected 3 best see-through outfits from recent Korean female celebrities's see-through looks based on reader's poll.

Singer IU was chosen as the see-through best dresser followed by Jei from girlgroup fiesta and f(x)'s Sully in this style awards.

2015년 7월 2일 목요일

Comeback of top boygroups in summer 2015

As many girl groups are in a fierce summer song war, many top boy groups are preparing for a comeback this summer as well.

Boy group INFINITE has finally confirmed the date of their return.
A music industry insider said that the group has been busy recording songs and they are expected to announce the new album 'Reality' and show the new and changed appearance of the Infinite on july 13th.
Although the individual members of INFINITE have been active in their own solo schedules, this comeback marks their first return as a group since they released "Be Back" in July 2014.

During the press conference for the launching event of ‘Cube TV.’on July 2, Yong Junhyung of BEAST dropped a few hints on what he has in store for his group’s upcoming comeback, for which the members are currently preparing, as they aim to return as a full group this summer
Reporters asked about BEAST’s plans for a comeback, to which Junhyung responded, “BEAST is currently in the middle of preparing to release a new album before the end of summer. This time, our new song will probably be a refreshing and energetic song.” He also shared that the members are in the final stages of album production as of now.

Boy group B1A4 has officially announced their entry into the fray as well.
On June 30, music industry insiders revealed B1A4's group comeback for this August according to an exclusive report by OSEN. TVReport also announced that they are currently in the finals stages of production. Since B1A4 are known for their unique musical sound, fans are anticipating what sort of style the group will bring with this next comeback.
Like their last two song, "Solo Day" and "Lonely," their upcoming title track has been composed by leader Jinyoung.

2015년 6월 29일 월요일

The Apple Watch appeared to be a sleeper hit in Korea

Apple rolled out its smartwatch in Korea, one of the world's most competitive markets, drawing a good response from fans, but analysts cast doubt on its long-term success, citing a tough challenge from local brands.

More than 300 Apple fans lined up in front of Frisbee's Myeong-dong store in Seoul, braving the rain early Friday.
The Apple Watch appeared to be a bigger hit in Korea than other countries.
The news of famous K-pop idol singer standing in line to buy Apple watch became a hot topic among local Apple fans as well.

The release of Apple watch in Korea is expected to fuel a "war for the wrist" with Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and other smartwatch makers.