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Actress Kim Tae hee's latest photos and news

Kim tae hee is not just one of the most successful actresses in Korea but she is among the top celebrities when it comes to supporting charities.
She often do her utmost to share her good fortune with those who they perceive as most in need.

On Febrary 25, "InStyle" magazine released preview shots of the actress's charity fundraising project
With a dream-like concept of ice cream land and desert oasis, Kim Tae Hee's exuded a whimsical personality with a photo shoot that aims to raise awareness for the support of young cancer patients.
The concept is to replicate some of the dreams of the sick children in her charity by being a model, a fashion designer, and even a dinosaur tamer.

During the interview, Kim Tae Hee stated, "It is also our responsibility to protect the environment and animals that are going to be extinct, but I think our most important job as adults is to protect the dreams and hopes of the young children."

Kim Tae Hee also updated her Weibo on February 24 with a picture of herself at the seashore on sunrise.

The actress shared a photo on her Weibo account and wrote, “I made resolutions when I saw the sun rise during Luna New Years…to make 2014 memorable! I hope everyone doesn’t forget the state of mind that we had during the New Years.”

In the photo, Kim Tae Hee poses in front of a sun rise over an ocean. She is wearing a simple plaid outfit with a long white cardigan, and although it looks like she is wearing little to no make up, she looks quite pretty. Netizens who saw the photo pointed out her natural beauty and asked if it was perhaps her boyfriend Rain who took the photo.

Actress Kim is currently taking a break after starring SBS drama "Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love" last year.

Chicken and Beer(Chi-mek) is popular in China thanks to drama "You Who Came From The Stars”

Chicken and Beer! it is called Chi-mak (combination of chicken and mek-ju which means beer in Korea)
It usually comes with sour radish cube as a side dish which is a must-eat thing.

SBS drama "You Who Came From The Stars”, which stars Kim Soo-hyun and actress Jeon Ji-hyun - the latter who successfully made her TV comeback through the drama, has been a huge hit not only in Korea, but also all around Asia.
It drew over 800 million views on Chinese video-sharing websites and was one of the highest rated Korean series in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The huge success of this drama sparked interest in many other K-culture.
What main cast of drama wear,go,eat draws a lot of attention among chinese fans.
Korean style chicken and beer(chi-mak)is one of them.

Drama’s main character (played by Jun Ji-hyun) is crazy for chi-mek.
She specifically likes to partake in a meal of chimek to celebrate the year’s first snowfall.
That on-the-screen tradition is playing out in real-life fried chicken joints across China as fans of the show get their chimek fix.

“These days when my friends and I get together, we order fried chicken with beer,” said Ada He, who works for a real-estate company in Beijing and is a self-professed Korean drama lover.

In particular, "You Who Came From The Stars” craze reversed AI ​​crisis situation in China.
The first recognized case of H7N9 human infection emerged in east China last March. The virus re-emerged in October and has rapidly spread since January, primarily in southeast China.
But even with current AI crisis situation, korean fried chicken restaurant in Beijing and Shanghai formed a long line of customers waiting in front of shop every night.

Korean TV series have long been popular in China, and discussions about “My Star” are among the most-discussed topics on Sina’s Weibo microblogging platform. More than 3.7 million posts related to the Chinese term for chimek have been published on Weibo over the past few weeks, while Tencent’s WeChat is getting on the craze by displaying falling snowflakes or snowmen when users send messages to one another that include the Chinese expression for chimek, zhaji he pijiu.

Even some Chinese celebrities are fans of the show, fueling the craze. “The first snow arrives, where is the chimek?” Gao Yuanyuan, a prominent Chinese actress, posted on her verified Weibo account, earlier this month. “Did you have chimek on the day of the first snow?” the Communist Party’s mouthpiece People’s Daily asked on its verified Weibo account.

Sim June-bo, owner of Barsak Chicken and Beer, a Korean restaurant in Beijing’s Wangjing district, said he has noticed a significant increase in the restaurant’s Chinese clientele since the show began airing.
“I have been doing fried chicken business for eight years, but this is the first time I’ve seen so many Chinese customers coming to order fried chicken with beer,” he said.
“In the past, 40% of our clients who ordered fried chicken were Chinese and 60% were Korean. Now it is 80% Chinese and 20% Korean,”

Even those who don’t follow the drama are falling for the chicken-and-beer craze.

Of course, what remains to be seen, and what major restaurants like KFC will be watching for, is whether the fad can cure slumping chicken sales amid the recent bird flu spike, or if it’s just a passing trend.

“I don’t usually eat fried chicken and I don’t like beer, as it is so unhealthy,” Ms. He said. “But it is such a trendy thing to do now in China.”

Snow Crab Festival in Uljin-gun, Korea

The Uljin Red Snow Crab Festival kicked off on February 28 and run until March 2 at the small fishing community of Hupohang Port in Ulgin.
This festival celebrates Uljin's famous local specialty, snow crabs. Visitors can taste fresh seafood caught from Uljin's Hupo Port and even participate in a variety of crab-related events, including a snow crab eating competition or fishing for snow crabs.

If you can understand korean and expat living in korea ,there's a way to participate in snow crab giveaway event held by Uljin city on their website.
Just upload their promotional post image on your facebook,twitter,blog or any portal site's bulletin board and register on their website from February 28 to March 2.
20 people who participated in this event will get about $100 worth of red crab gift set for free.
Visit their website to participate: http://crab.uljin.go.kr

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GIRL GROUP WAR between SNSD and 2NE1 This Spring

Girl’s Generation & 2NE1 have made their comeback at almost same time and their fierce competition is about to heat up in February.

Girls' Generation new 4th mini-album 'Mr.Mr' was releaed on 24th and topped Korean online music charts right after release.
It’s a 6-track collection of songs of very different styles.

Mr. Mr. gained lots of instant popularity overseas and was ranked #2 in Thailand, #5 in Malaysia, #14 in Hong Kong, #21 in Taiwan, #52 in the Philippines and #63 in Indonesia, #97 in Sweden and #99 in Macao.
Mr. Mr. entered the Top 100 chart in six different countries within an hour after release.
Unlike with their previous albums with sexy or cute concept, snsd presented this mini album with 'classy, mysterious' kind of concept and fans find it unique and seem to like it so far.
Mr. Mr. will be released offline on February 27, and the girl’s first comeback stage will take place on M! Countdown on March 6.

2NE1 released its long-anticipated second full-length album Thursday, nabbing the top spot on numerous music charts in a matter of hours pushed snsd's Mr.Mr into second.
Soon after its release on online music services at midnight, "Comeback Home," the main track on the album "Crush," topped real-time charts of 10 Korean online music sites, including Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Daum Music and Bugs.
Another major piece, "Gotta Be You," came next on those charts while most of the remaining tracks also placed high.
"Crush" has 10 songs, all of which are new except for one that is the Korean language version of a song previously released in Japan. Among them, three were written and composed by the band leader CL.

The four-member band is set to present the new songs for the first time at concerts in Seoul on March 1-2. The first concert will be broadcast live through the domestic portal service Naver, according to the group's management agency, YG Entertainment.

2NE1 is expected to compete fiercely with Girls' Generation over music charts and TV music ranking programs for the time being as the two most popular girl groups with many fans in korea and abroad released new albums in the same week.

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Healing Forests in Korea

Korean society is aging, and becoming industrialized and modernized at a rapid pace. With that there is a tendency for an increase in environmental diseases, chronic illness and senile diseases.
It is said that fundamental treatments for those diseases are limited, so instead it draws more attention towards nature treatment. Forests are believed to have a variety of natural elements good for health, such as phytoncide, anions, comforting scenery and natural soils.

More and more korean visit forest and woods scattered around Korea for their health or just few days trip for fun and relaxation every year.
Belows are few of the popular forest site in Korea

1. Sambong Forest

Located at Odaesan National Park in Gangwon-do, about 300km from Seoul.
Sambong Natural Recreation Forest is located inside a dense forest with a harmony of such coniferous trees as Needle Fir, Khingan Fir, and Japanese Yew, and such broadleaved trees as Ribbed Birch and Schmidt Birch. Yeolmok, the Natural Monument No. 74 inhabits in the clear water of its deep valley.
In summer it is too cold to put feet in for more than 5 minutes.
Sambong mineral spring in the middle of Sambong, known as a good remedy for stomach troubles, is attracting a number of people nationwide.
It provides several accommodations like cabin,camping site and forest culture recreation center where you can lodge

2. Gapyeong Pinetree Forest

The largest forest experience center with pine trees and other facilities opened in October last year.
It is located 45km northeast from Seoul, one hour driv by car.

The Green Outdoor Pine Scented Classroom, Healing Forest project opened the largest pine forest to residents, where they can learn more about natural forest habitats and experience a relaxing environment. The municipal government has funded just over KRW 7 billion and the central government KRW 2.95 billion, tallying up to a budget close to KRW 10 billion. The construction began in 2005 and is finally opened in October 2013.

The 300㏊ government forest is now filled with over 120 thousand pine trees planted in 1983. Its dense foliage blocks the sun during the day. The visitors will no doubt be awed by the beautiful green forest the center has to offer.

3. Damyang Metasequoia Road

Damyang Metasequoia Road is located in Damyang County (Damyang-gun), Jeollanam-do. The road is lined with the Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood) Trees. The road was named as one of the most beautiful roads in South Korea in 2006 and it is frequently seen in some famous Korean dramas, movies and entertainment programs. No matter what kind of weather or season you visit the famous road, you'll be amazed with the beauty of the road and the fresh air from the trees and farm.

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G Pro 2 comes packed with new technology

LG Electronics photographed the aurora borealis with the G Pro 2 in Yellowknife, Canada. Provided by the company
LG Electronics began selling its new G Pro 2 phablet with enhanced camera technology last week in Korea.

As for its camera prowess, its rear-facing 13-megapixel camera will be able to shoot video in 4K Ultra HD resolution as well as slow-motion with 120fps. As previously speculated, optical image stabilization will be integrated in the lens. Other camera goodies consist of "Magic Focus," which enables users to adjust the depth of focus of an image, and the oft-included burst shot mode.

Last year’s G2 was the first LG smartphone to feature the OIS technology. Plus technology, according to the company, upgrades clarity by improving auto-correction software.

In addition to the enhanced camera, LG says the new phablet comes with other functions to enhance user experience.

G Pro 2 also introduces new software and user interface features which LG calls "KnockCode".
KnockCode combines turning on your phone and unlocking the lock screen into one act.
By dividing the display into four quadrants, users can tap a certain combination within these zones to wake up and unlock their device.
With passwords ranging from two to eight taps, LG says there are more than 80,000 different combinations possible.

LG says Knock Code boosts security because it does not leave fingerprints on the screen.

The G Pro 2 also allows individual files to be locked.

The G Pro 2 also raised some eyebrows because of its 999,900 won ($933) price tag.

While the company is trying to push its high-end models, speculation is that the price was set 100,000 won below a million in the hopes that consumers would feel like the phablet is still affordable.

The company announced it plans to release the new-generation phablet in overseas markets within the first half of the year.

In China, LG is known to have started a compliance test with the previous model G Pro and plans to launch the model within the first quarter.

“We cannot forecast when we will be able to enter the Chinese market with the G Pro 2, because the country is still testing its LTE-TDD network,” the spokesperson said.

Popular tourist destination in Seoul vary by tourists from different asian country

Recent survey conducted by Seoul city revealed that most popular tourist destination in Seoul is different among tourists from other asian country

According to survey, Chinese tourist included the Kyung bok gung (93.8%), Chung Wa Dae(93.5%) and Chung Gye Chun(43.8%) as their must-visit Seoul tour destination while only few of Japanese tourist visited Kyung bok gung(16.7%) and picked chang deok gung(35.8%), Buk chon Village(29.7%), Chung Wa Dae(28.0%) as their most visited destination in Seoul.

Last year 3.92 million Chinese tourist and 2.71 million Japanese tourists visited Korea.
Professor choi yong hoon at Tourism Policy Division of Seoul said "tourists of these two countries's major tourist attractions are quite different due to fact that unlike many Japanese visitors, Chinese tourists visit Korea for the first time so they tend to prefer to visit the most representative tourist attractions in Seoul,"

Meanwhile, Taiwanses picked Chung Gye Chun(stream) and Thailand tourists picked Seoul Tower as their favorite Seoul destination.

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Samsung launched the world’s first Curved UHD TV in Korea

Samsung launched its 2014 TV line-up, including the world’s first Curved UHD TV, for the first time in Korea yesterday at a TV Media Day event at the Samsung headquarters in Seocho-dong, southern Seoul.
It also expanded its flat UHD TV product line to 110, 85, 65, 55 and 50 inches, saying it hopes to dominate the UHD TV market.
“Samsung Electronics’ Curved UHD TV is an innovative attempt to change the TV paradigm once gain following earlier innovations such as the Samsung Bordeaux TV launched in 2006 and Samsung LED TV in 2009,” said Kim Hyun-seok, head of Samsung Electronics’ visual display unit.
“With the launching of the curved UHD TV, we aim to maintain the top position in the world’s TV market for nine consecutive years,” he said.
It has a Multi Link Screen feature in which users can use smart TV apps to search the Internet, watch YouTube and use social network services while watching TV at the same time.
Viewers can divide the UHD TV screen into four windows.

Samsung strengthened its Soccer Mode so that viewers can enjoy the Brazil world cup 2014.
Its Soccer Mode provides “multi surround sound” along with vivid colors of the field.
Viewers can divide the TV screen into nine in Soccer Mode so that they don’t miss any of the player’s gestures or facial expressions.

Samsung also picked Korean national football head coach Hong Myung-bo as a Samsung TV ambassador for its curved UHD TV’s commercial campaign in 2014.
Nicknamed Korean “Libero,” Hong Myung-bo led a very successful career both as a soccer player and a coach

Lee min ho and Kim soo hyun leading a new generation of K-wave

Two top male actors who are only in their mid 20's are paving the way for next chapter in Hallyu wave.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun proved their 'top star' status, not only in Korea, but also in China with dramas "heirs", "You Who Came From Stars" respectively.

Lee min ho became famous for his leading roles in "Boys Over Flowers" in 2009.
Lee followed up the success of Boys Over Flowers by starring in action drama City Hunter & romantic comedy drama The Heirs recently.
Earlier this year, Lee Min Ho was invited to China's CCTV 'Spring Festival Gala', being the only Korean celebrity to appear in this program. About 700 million people are estimated to watch this program.
Lee went back and forth between Korea and China and was selected to be model for many CF such as Taobao Marketplace,Jeju Airline, Fila(china) and Lotte duty free shop this year.

Lee min ho is not the only star who dazzles China, however, Kim soo hyun from the SBS's drama 'You Who Came From Stars' is also enjoying soaring popularity in China as well.
Even before the drama aired in Korea, the production team received a flood of requests for broadcasting rights from Chinese companies. The three main content providers in China -- PPS, IQIYI and KanKan -- are helping the Chinese viewers to catch up with the latest episodes in real time.
On IQIYI TV, a Chinese video sharing site, "You Who Came From The Stars" has garnered over 600 million viewer hits.
Kim appeared in 'Samsonite RED' CF with Chinese model and actress Angelababy last month and Kim will also meet with his fans across 6 different countries starting in March. He will visit Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, and other Asian countries.

First generation of Hallyu stars were mostly popular in Japan but now new Hallyu stars are getting recognition in China as well as other regions of asia and world.
The internet and social networking services have served as catalysts for the Korean culture boom in Asia. Korean stars can now instantly and continuously communicate with overseas fans through SNS, which has helped them expand their fandom abroad.

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Hollywood movie 'Avengers 2' to film in Seoul,Korea as well as featuring Korean actress as a villain.

Filming began on Marvel’s highly anticipated sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron last week in Johannesburg, South Africa and Marvel has announced yet another international shooting location for the film.
The Avengers 2 will be filming “key elements” in Seoul, South Korea, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige noting that the country is the perfect fit for the film because it “features cutting-edge technology, beautiful landscapes, and spectacular architecture.”
Filming in Seoul will begin in May and it’s unknown how long the production will be filming in Seoul.

40 hopefuls auditioned in Korea for the part of the villain, and the coveted role in the film went to actress Kim Soo-hyun.
The actress previously appeared in local dramas such as Brain (2012) and last year's 7th Grade Civil Servant. Kim has experience handling action and is also fluent in English, which made her an ideal candidate for the part.

Aside from the US and Korea, the film is also set to shoot in Italy and the UK.
The Avengers 2 will be coming to theaters May 1, 2015.

The heaviest snow in a century is causing chaos in Korea

The heaviest snowfall in more than a century on South Korea's east coast is causing widespread chaos that has caused at least 14 deaths.

Hundreds of houses have collapsed under the weight of the snow. One newspaper described it as a snow bomb.
The South Korean government has deployed 12,000 soldiers to rescue stranded residents.

The worst weather has been in Gangwon province.
In Gangwon on the eastern coast, one city recorded 80cm (2.6 feet) of snow in a single day - the heaviest fall in 24 hours since records began there back in 1911.

The cost of the damage is expected to run into several million dollars.

The heaviest fall in a century is leaving a chaos in its wake - and more snow is forecast

Many schools and companies in Gangwon Province, about 240 km (149 miles) east of Seoul, have been closed.

The Han River in the capital, Seoul, iced over for the first time in years - but the latest snowfalls have left the seoul unaffected so far.

The Korean weather agency said a low-pressure system is traveling north where it will meet a high-pressure system, resulting in more snow for the Korean peninsula.

On Monday night, 10 university freshmen were killed and more than 100 injured at a resort in Gyeongju, a historic southeastern city popular with tourists, when the roof on an auditorium where hundreds of students were gathered to attend an orientation collapsed.

2014년 2월 18일 화요일

8 killed and 100 trapped in collapsed building in Gyeongju City, Korea

Eight college students were killed and 100 more feared trapped after an auditorium collapsed under heavy snow on Monday in the city of Gyeongju, Korea.
Gyeongju City said about 1000 students from Busan University of Foreign Studies were going through freshmen orientation in the auditorium.
Many of the students escaped from the collapsed auditorium, and at least 16 of them were taken to a nearby hospital due to injury.
An official said the roof collapsed around 9:16 p.m., apparently caused by the recent heavy snow. The exact cause is under investigation.

The local fire department said the resort, owned and operated by Kolon, was located on a hillside and it would take more time than usual to approach the auditorium due to deep snowdrifts.
The resort was built in 2006, and the auditorium was a sandwich-panel prefab construction, which is vulnerable to excessive weight.

Exact casualties are not yet known, the longer the rescue efforts can increase the casualties due to possible risk of hypothermia.

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Serveral seasonal foods korean eat to stay healthy during cold winter

Seasonal food is important keyword for many korean who care about their health.
Korean eat foods in season to stay healthy and keep them from catching cold and flu especially during the change of seasons.
It's been a long and snowy winter in Korea but now its almost over
Spring is right around the corner

These are 4 foods that Korean enjoy during this season every year.

1. Ueong (우엉, “Korean burdock”)

Ueong is one of the most cherished healthy root foods among Korean people, along with ginseng, Deodeok(“Codonopsis lanceolata”) and Doraji (“Korean bellflower root”).

As the old Korean saying goes, “The coarser the foods you eat, the longer you live.” The most typical coarse foods are root vegetables, which probably are most overlooked and underappreciated foods in Western cuisine. In Korean cuisine, however, root vegetables have been staples on table as about 70 % of the Korean peninsula is covered by mountains where mushrooms, wild root plants, and wild ferns have naturally grown for ages.
Root vegetables are full of healthy nutrients as they are grown under the soil hence the nutrients, especially the stabilizing energy of the earth, are provided directly to the roots; they are rich in minerals and enzymes, have a stimulating, strengthening effect on body cells, and help purify the blood.
Korean usually eat "Braised Burdock Roots", burdock root boiled down in soy sauce and sugar as side dish

2. Hallabong (한라봉)

Dekopon is a seedless and very sweet citrus fruit, a hybrid between Kiyomi and ponkan (Nakano no.3), developed in Japan in 1972.
In Korea, dekopon is called hallabong (한라봉) named after Hallasan the mountain located in Jeju-do, where it is primarily grown.
The Jeju Hallabong, this awesome succulent fruit is only available during the winter. Its peak months are from mid January to March. So within those three months you can imagine how busy Jeju-do gets with exporting shipments of these fruits. The hallabong is actually a cross breed between an orange and a tangerine, but tastes sweeter than an orange.

3. Kkomak (꼬막, Cockles)

Kkomaks are small, edible, saltwater clams, widely enjoyed by Koreans. Enjoy healthy clams with a sweet and sour kick. Goes well with rice and other sides dishes in Korean cuisine.
It's full of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and iron so it could cut your risk of a heart attack and anemia.

4. Japanese Spanish mackerel

One of most consumed seasonal fish during winter time in Korea is Japanese Spanish mackerel.
It is an rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and potassium which are good for brain development in children and high blood pressure respectively.

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Many of 24-hour convenience stores in Korea may change to day-time operation only

The government enacted guidelines on after-hours operation of convenience stores and excessive cancellation fees of contracts imposed on convenience store owners by franchise headquarters starting from 14th,Feb.

The move follows a recent incident in which a convenience store owner committed suicide after a conflict with CU over cancellation of the contract. The owner wanted to close the store, but CU demanded that the owner pay for ending the contract prematurely.

CU(former,Family Mart)is the nation’s No. 1 convenience store chain with a market share of 30 percent.

The Fair Trade Commission (FTC), amended the relevant act and notice stating the details of shortening the late-hour operations of convenience stores and lowering the termination fees of contracts fueling a further outcry from parent companies.

The FTC estimates that there are 2,000 convenience stores nationwide with daily sales less than 110,000 won ($99) between midnight and 6 a.m.

Under the amendment to the Franchising Act currently pending in the National Assembly Legislation and Judiciary Committee, the corporate headquarters cannot enforce 24-hour operations when late-night sales are significantly lower than the cost of running the stores or when there are inevitable causes, such as an illness of the store owner.

24-hour convenience shops multiplying at rapid rate during last few years in Korea
Since convenience store market is already saturated, oversupply of stores made franchisees put in long hours and don’t sell enough to earn a decent living.

Samsung and Swarovski announced limited edition Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case.during Fashion Week 2014 in New York

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 kicked off in Manhattan Lincoln Center in New York from 6 to 13th.

Samsung announced earlier this month that it is partnering up with Swarovski, a leading name in crystal and fashion jewelry.
During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this year, Samsung and Swarovski will host models, designers, celebrities, etc. at a backstage Samsung Galaxy Lounge decked out in sparking décor compliments of the jewelry designer. The two companies have also brought together their respective specialties to design a custom Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone case with the Swarovski Crystal encrusted.
Available in three colors, the device is also bundled with a bracelet and will be available to buy at the Fifth Avenue Swarovski retail store this spring.

"At Samsung, we embrace the creativity of fashion and enable it through our technology. Together with Swarovski, we're celebrating that creativity with a specially-designed backstage lounge and a limited-edition custom cover for one of our latest smartphones during this season's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week," said Young Hee Lee, executive vice president of Samsung. "The gorgeous, Swarovski crystal-covered cover adds a glamorous touch to the beautifully designed Galaxy Note 3 to make it the must-have device this MBFW."

Samsung also has built Samsung Fashion Connected Experience Zone at the Fashion Week 2014 to offer the new seamless connected experiences for audiences while viewing, shooting, taking notes, and simply enjoying UHD TV, GALAXY Note Pro, GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 edition, GALAXY Note 3, and GALAXY Gear.

2014년 2월 11일 화요일

Three Charming European-Style Villages in Korea

Villages with theme of foreign countries are becoming popular tourist destination in Korea.
These villages can be divided into European-style and Chinese-style.
Incheon Chinatown is the biggest and only official chinatown in Korea but there are three european villages all scattered around Korea.

1. Gapyeong french village, Petite France

scene from SBS's You Who Came From The Stars
When you first enter this village, the first thing come to your mind would be 'Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
There are logos, drawings, and a museum about this celebrated French novel everywhere in this village. Actually it is built by a Korean who likes The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince') story so much.

The buildings are in European style, narrow and high, with bright colors. It is located in the middle of nowhere on the hillside, and surrounded by mountains (in the winter covered by snow) so it really looks like a Mediterranean village in the Alps.
It is consisted of 16 French-style buildings where visitors can lodge & experience French Food, Clothing & Household culture.
Also it was the shooting location for popular K-dramas like Beethoven Virus, Personal Taste, Secret Garden and SBS's You Who Came From Stars recently.

The entrance fee for this village is 8,000 KRW ($7.5) per person.
It would take you around 2 hours to go there from Seoul by express bus.
If you’re looking for an easy day trip out of Seoul, you can’t go wrong with this charming village.

2. German Village in Namhae

Located on a mountain by the southern sea, there is an odd little community, the German Village.

It was made to invite back and provide subsidies for Korean miners and nurses who were sent to Germany by the government in return for financial aid during some of Korea’s poorest years in the 1960s and 1970s.

It’s a very cute little neighborhood with some beautiful views, but it seems these days it’s more for tourists than anyone else. There were a lot of places to stay the night and a few cafe’s which offers ice cream, waffles, fruits and bagels but sausages served alongside sauerkraut and sweet mustard, which go well with German beer. The outdoor porch seating also offers a great view of the sea.

Although the village isn’t quite as authentic as those in Germany, you can still enjoy all the little yards and exotic atmosphere as buildings here looked very different from a lot of Korean homes. Just keep that in mind this is another culture’s interpretation of Germany instead of actual German homes.
This European-style homes have reportedly been built with imported materials from Germany and the cars even have German license plates.

3. English Village in Paju

A nicely built and new village located northwest of the Seoul
This village recreated the daily life of many English-speaking country, but mostly England.
The gateway to this village is the copy of UK's leading cultural property 'Stonehenge'

Concert Hall and the structure at the road connecting to city hall is named 'Sun Building' which is modeled after the image of Covent Garden, London, UK. Covent Garden is a large garden owned by the royal family in the 17th century and now it's public market in UK.
The concert hall in village is reminiscent of the UK's leading venues, Royal Albert Hall, and Victorian Town Hall resemble the National Gallery of UK.

The Paju village opened in 2006,
But the villages have dwindled steadily in popularity in recent years and have been plagued with operating deficits.
Still, this village is good for one day trip out of Seoul.

2014년 2월 9일 일요일

A War Between KPOP's Sexy Concepts

Sexy has never been out of style especially for Kpop artists.
Everyone has their own concept of what 'sexy' is.
Some came up with sexy concept for man, classic sexy style as usual while brown Eyed Girls member Ga In showed different sexy concept this february.

Shortly after releasing “ZOTTO MOLLA,” Gary released the music video to his second title song “Shower Later.“
The music video features many sexy ladies surrounding Gary throughout the music video. The video touches on a theme of cars and tools, using props like a gas pump, a car jack, a jackhammer and others, interpreted in a sexy way that is sure to please male audiences.
The recent girl group like Girl's Day, Rainbow BLAXX, and AOA's comebacks have featured sexy concepts as well, with sexy stage attire and sexy performances.

While both Gary's and the girl groups' sexy both target male audiences, Ga In starts her 2014 with a bold single and video which showed sexy concept with slightly different twist thus attracting female audiences as well.
Crafted by the same producers who made her sexually-charged, throwback-inspired "Bloom," Ga In's latest MV mixes a bouncy guitar rhythms and R&B-inspired harmonies with Bumkey's smooth rapping and singing.
The song's subject -- frustrations in love -- is nothing new to the K-pop scene, but the singer's X-rated take on those frustrations is extremely fresh.
In her new music video, Ga In plays a woman stuck in a frustrated relationship, clearly angry with her partner -- but seemingly unable to detach herself, giving in to his embrace even after spitting in his face. The visual -- reminiscent of the story between Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan in Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" vid -- explores all the different aspects of a violate relationship from the tender moments to the heartbreak. But by the end, the couple's sexy shower has turned their bathroom into a bloody mess.

Ultimately, it is not Ga In's subject and concept choices that really stick out from other K-pop acts. Instead, it's the confidence and boldness she takes with it that makes "Fxxk You" a standout accomplishment for the singer that solidifies her a must-watch solo star.
On recent interview with Korean online magazine, she said she wanted to make music with storytelling that most of woman can sympathize with.
"Fxxk You" is the pre-release buzz single for Ga In's upcoming EP "Truth or Dare," out on Feb. 6

All Sochi Olympic athletes getting free Galaxy Note 3 but not Galaxy Gear

The Sochi and Rio games are big business for the 10 TOP sponsors — in terms of brand recognition, marketing rights, and sales connected with the Olympics.
Swiss watchmaker Omega, a part of the Swatch Group is the official timekeeper and sponsor of the Sochi Olympics in watch department and Samsung is sponsoring the olympics in electronic department.
Due to possible conflict with Omega, Samsung has excluded Galaxy Gear in their Sochi Olympics Marketing Campaign.

Tara Watchorn from Canada olympic team said on interview "I was expecting to get Galaxy Gear as well upon hearing news about all Sochi Olympic athletes getting free Galaxy Note 3 so it was little let down"

Even though Galaxy Gear is much more than regular watch, it still fell under the category of watch so Samsung won't be able to promote it in Sochi Winter Olympic.

2014년 2월 8일 토요일

Disney Movie 'Frozen' Icing Competition in Korea

The new movie from Disney has become the highest-grossing animated feature in South Korea.
Disney animation "Frozen" broked record of "Kung Fu Panda II"'s 5.06 million admissions which was biggest animation box office score and now it's on its way to be the first animation film to hit the 10 million viewer mark here in South Korea.
According to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), the Disney film has grossed $44.17 million (47.7 billion won) in South Korea, passing prior record-holder "Kung Fu Panda 2," which pulled in $41 million (44.298 billion won) in 2011.
And it has since knocked the blockbuster Korean film "The Attorney" out of its place after four straight weeks at the top.

The film has drawn over six million admissions in South Korea, reaching the box-office milestone in 18 days. "Frozen" has grossed $864.4 million worldwide at the box office since its late-November release.

Flim 'Frozen' fever is moving to Korean music industry as well
Hit OST “Let It Go” from disney’s film is a surprise smash hit on Korea’s digital music charts, holding top ten positions on Daum Music, Bugs!, MelOn, Monkey3 and more. In fact, Idina Menzel was the highest-selling foreign artist in Korea for the month of January.

Idina’s original track may be the version ruling sales, but other renditions are creating plenty of buzz in the K-pop community as well. SISTAR’s Hyorin recorded Disney’s official Korean-language pop version, while Ailee and actress Lee Yoo Bi performed English covers of the Demi Lovato pop version on KBS2′s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and SBS Inkigayo, respectively.
Through M-Net’s show, Trot X, trot singer Park Hyun Bin also revealed the Korean Trot Version of “Let It Go”
Korea seem to be obsessed with OST from Disney’s latest animated film so far.

2014년 2월 5일 수요일

Healing Foods for a Healthier Winter, Garlic Jangajji (Korean Pickled Garlic)

Garlic has been used as both food and medicine in many cultures for thousands of years
There's chinese 4 words describing garlic so well, 一害百利 meaning 1 disadvantage and 100 advantages
Garlic's benefits outweigh its detriments.
There are so many benefits while few side effects include breath and body odor, heartburn, upset stomach, and allergic reactions exist. These side effects are more common with raw garlic.
The scent of garlic is one of few drawback as potentially harmful side-effect.
Garlic can give off an unpleasant aroma for up to three days. Garlic oils are absorbed into the bloodstream and enter the lungs where they're exhaled with every breath - and it takes several days for the lungs to completely clear them.

Korean ancestors were well aware of these sideffects and they have made garlic jangachi (Korean Pickled Garlic) to consume garlic without bad breath,heartburn and upset stomach for many generations while keeping most of raw garlic's health benefits intact.
It was also easy way to store and consume veggie when vegetables were scarce during winter

Pickled garlic (maneul jangajji) is a staple side dish in Korea
The garlic cloves are first soaked in a vinegar brine for a few days and then pickled in a soy brine. Through this two-step process, the garlic loses much of its pungent bite and becomes slightly sweet and tangy. It's important to use fresh garlic for pickling. Serve with rice or as an accompaniment to any main dish. The garlic infused soy brine can be used as a dipping or seasoning sauce.

Among so many health benefits of garlics, jangajji is especially good for winter time as it cures cold hands and feet.
Poor circulation can lead to a tendency to getting cold hands and feet, which can be an uncomfortable problem during the winter months.
When it’s cold your body automatically draws blood away from the extremities to keep your core and internal organs warm. So when the temperature drops we all need a bit of extra help to keep hands and feet warm.
You can turn up the heat from the inside. In traditional Chinese medicine it was considered essential to eat warming foods during the cold season to boost the immune system and prevent winter chills.
Garlic jangajji is definitely one of those foods that can warm your body inside out.

2014년 2월 4일 화요일

Tablet Market-Share: Samsung Beats Apple In Emerging Markets

Shin Jong-kyun, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Samsung has talked about his company’s plans to release a flurry of tablets in an attempt to “steal” Apple’s crown in this particular market segment back in last November at Samsung ANALYST DAY 2013 event held in Seoul.
His public statement might come true as the gap between the two giants has started to close, as Samsung Electronics is now the largest seller of slates in three emerging markets. These markets have been previously dominated by Apple, but according to data revealed last week, the Apple is losing ground fast.

According to Strategy Analytics, throughout the entirety of 2013, world's No.1 smartphone maker managed to sell more tablets than Apple in Central-Eastern Europe – where it holds 25% of the market share; Latin America (22.8% market share) and Africa-Middle East (18.3%). In contrast, Apple’s tablets have accounted for 22.5%, 22.3% and 17.7% of the market-share in the same regions.
Apple still holds the title in North America, West Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Strategy Analytics expects Samsung to ship 14.6 million tablets in Q1 2014, raising its global market share percentage to 23.3. This would further close the gap between the two companies, as Apple is estimated to ship enough tablets to account for 33.2% of the tablet market share in the same period of time.
Samsung also released various tablets for different market last year such as 'Galaxy tab 3 kids' for education market and 'Galaxy Note Pro' 12 inches large-screen tablet for B2B market.

Market watchers attribute Apple's falling presence to its once-per-year tablet refresh strategy while rivals are constantly pumping out new products that are attracting previous Apple users. If Apple won’t change its strategy of launching a couple of refreshed iPads per year, chances are that Samsung will eventually catch up and deliver the final blow.

2014년 2월 3일 월요일

Bae Doona and Jim Sturgess were spotted dating in seoul again

Rumors of Bae Doo-na in relationship with Hollywood star,Jim Sturgess have been circulating online for quiet a while now. .
Photos of the two where they were spotted dating together in Seoul during korean new years day have surfaced online on 2nd and 3rd of this month.

New posts claiming that they saw two dating together at various locations in Seoul such as itaewon  and jonggak  have been popping up along with picture on SNS.

Netizens who saw this post commented :
 "They seem to be in relationship for real,  " They look great together", " I envy them so much, "I hope they had good time and Jim enjoyed lot of korean food during lunar new year day in Korea". and so on.