2018년 1월 30일 화요일

Tourists visited to Camp Greaves, filming Location of drama 'Descendants of the Sun' increased 4times in 3years

The Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center, which was created by Gyeonggi Province using returned US military bases is gaining popularity among tourists.

Gyeonggi Tourism Corporation and Paju City revealed on Jan 25 that 23,116 tourists visited Camp Greaves last year.
It is more than four times the figure of 5,771 people in 2014, the first year of opening.
The number of visitors to 2015 is 11,993, and the number of visitors in 2016 is 17,128.

Camp Greaves is a returned US military base a couple of kilometres from the DMZ.

In real life, Camp Greaves was the base camp of US troops for years after the ceasefire agreement was signed by both North and South Korea.
The US military was stationed in 1953 and returned in 2007.

Gyeonggi Province, through the agreement with the Ministry of National Defense, was donated a portion of Camp Greaves site and open the existing facilities as various 'exhibition, culture, experience' space and opened on December 12, 2013.

The 4-story, 3,232㎡ US Army officer's residence is remodeled into a space that can accommodate a variety of experience programs, including barracks, military uniforms, and line-ups.

It is also the site for DMZ documentary film festival, a youth event, a workshop, as well as a family visiting place for nearby soldiers.

In 2016, it was spotlighted as a drama "Descendants of the Sun" shooting location.

Camp Greaves was a camp site of fictional country called 'Uruk' which is the background of the drama.

The Gyeonggi Tourism Corporation has improved this filming location to attract foreign tourists as the descendants of the sun became explosively popular in Asia including China since 2016.

In June of the same year, Paju city signed an agreement with a military army under the jurisdiction and designated it as a security sightseeing spot, expanding the number of visitors limited to 250 per day to 3,000.

The inconvenience of having to give advance notice 2 or 3 days before visit have also disappeared

Paju City will also set up gondola crossing the Imjin River as a public transportation in order to revitalize security tourism starting this year.
This project, linking Camp Grieves with Gondola, is scheduled to be completed by early next year.
Paju city expects the gondola to contribute significantly to achieving the goal of attracting 10 million tourists.

2018년 1월 24일 수요일

Apple enthusiasts are prepairing event for first Apple store grand opening in Korea

Apple (Apple Korea) will open its first Korea Apple store in Garosu-gil in Seoul's Gangnam district on Saturday 27th.

The various open events were scheduled for this day by Apple enthusiasts in Korea.
Among them, sleeping out gathering event on Garosu-gil to be one of the first customers of Korea Apple store attracted most attention.

Generally, Apple has presented Apple T-shirts to 2,000 first-come-first-served customers on official Apple Store grand opening.
Perhaps the purpose of this event is to get a T-shirt and also to get the media attention as "Korea's first Apple Store customers".
(There is no iPhone first opening event, and there is no special event planned by Apple on this day)

Netizens who saw this event news showed concern about weather forcast that it will be freezing for few days before Apple store grand opening.

2018년 1월 21일 일요일

Actress Go Hyun-jung gave away big gift for the SBS drama 'Return' staffs

Actress Go Hyun-jung made a big gift for the staffs.

The SBS drama 'Return' debuted as top drama on viewer rating rankings when it first broadcasted on January 17 and is gathering more attention.
Go Hyun Jung plays the role of lawyer for the first time since her debut in this crime thriller about a lawyer and a detective who try to solve the mysterious high-society murder case.

It was recently revealed that Go Hyun Jung has given away a special presents for all of  staffs at the drama scene.

In fact, considering the fact that the shooting of 'Return' has been going on since the early winter until now, she thought of long padding coat as best gift for staffs.
At the same time, she prepared skin care product sets so that the staff could take care of their skin in cold weather.

150 long padding coats and 150 sets of cosmetics have been given away to all the staffs.
Thanks to this, 'Return' drama staffs are all wearing the same long coats at the drama locations.

An official said, "all the staffs appreciated Go Hyun-jung for big surprise gift, and thanks to her, not only were we able to overcame the cold winters, but also the teamwork among staffs improved as well."

Samsung as only Korean company to made it on the list of World's most innovative company 2018

Samsung is the fifth most innovative company in the world.

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a management consulting firm on Monday, January 17, Samsung is the only Korean company to be among the 50 most innovative companies in the 2018 list.
This ranking is based on the Global Innovation Survey conducted last year by BCG.

Samsung moved up to 5th place from 7th place in the rankings last year.
Apple and Google ranked first and second for two consecutive years.
Microsoft and Amazon also outperformed Samsung.
Tesla, which was third in last year, dropped to 6th.

By region, there are 27 North American companies, 16 European companies and 7 Asia companies.
While Samsung ranked the highest among Asia companies, China and Japan included three companies each on the list. China's Alibaba ranks 10th for the first time in the ranking.

2018년 1월 18일 목요일

Korean image award 2018 'Angelina Danilova'

"I did not know that one picture of a Korean stew would change my life like this. I want to approach Korean fans as the heroine of romantic movies like Actress Jeon Ji-hyeon. "

Angelina Danilova (22) from Saint Petersburg, Russia, is an SNS star with over 600,000 followers in the social network service (instagram.com/angelinadanilova).
Danilova's instagram is famous for diverse photographs related to Korean food and culture. She uploaded some photos during her high school days, but started to devoted to upload more Korea related pics since she went to (SUTD)Interior Design at the University of St. Petersburg in 2014.

"I enjoyed Korean pop including big bang and exo, and I became interested in Korean food. I went to a Korean restaurant in St. Petersburg and ate delicious bibimbap and stew. I uploaded a photo called "mukbang" Food-eating pics and it became a deepening ties with Korea. "

In 2015, a Korean blogger accidentally found a picture of a her mukbang pics in 2014 and posted it with title "The Russian model that wants to marry a Korean man". Danilova has never said that, but SNS and various Internet media have sprung up, and her followers have surged.
"Starting the Instagram, I had about 2,000 followers for three years, and one day I came in, 10,000, and a few days later, there were more than 20,000. I became a celebrity even before i knew it in Korea. "

In early 2016, love call came from entertainment agency. She spent several days going around Korea and taking pictures. She got a nickname like "Russian Elves", "Godgellina" and "Segelye" (the most beautiful in the world) in Korea.

In the summer of 2016, She appeared on the global common language project "Babel 250, reality television program on tvN, which first aired on July 11, 2016. The show features a cast of four men and three women, all from different countries.
Thanks to broadcasting, followers have grown exponentially, surpassing 300,000.
She speak Korean, English, Italian, Serbian, including her native language Russian, but it was difficult to learn Korean words in different order for her.

The only thing that sustained her was her follower, who clicked "like" on her photo.
Every time a difficult Korean word comes out, 600,000 followers helped translate the translation.

"My Korean improved a lot since I first came to Korea two years ago. now I am now about in the sixth grade of elementary school level of Korean. "

After going through lot of hardships, she could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Although she was disappointed to slip through auditions several times due to language barriers, she recently casted as significant role in a sequel to the hit Korean movie.
She is also dreaming of a becoming a singer. She is preparing to come on stage as R & B soul singer.

"Korea is a magical country that always amazes me. Korea accomplished amazing economic growth like the miracle of the Han River. I want to have a long relationship with Korea like a convenience store that connects people 24 hours a day in Korea. "

Russian girl who loved Korean culture more than Koreans, eventually shook the hearts of many people.
Conglomerate CJ Group, French politician Joachim Son-Forget and Russian social media star Angelina Danilova were recipients of this year's annual Korea Image Awards given by the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) which aims to promote Korean culture overseas at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul, Korea on May 16.

2018년 1월 16일 화요일

2018 Fashion Trend Forecast in Korea

2018 'Retro' is emerging as a key keyword for Korean fashion industy.
The fanny pack, which has been getting popularity since late last year, is centered on a number of collections and trends this year.

In addition, the 'Youth Culture' code, which is a trademark of the street brand such as tinted sunglasses and bucket hat, is expected to continue this year, and fringe items containing the glamor and hippy feeling of the 70'and '80s are expected to continue to be loved.

If the item of the retro is burdensome, match the sequin items which can be point with only the small accessories to complete the sophisticated and trendy fashion.

Company which specialize in color selection, Pantone's 'Ultra Violet' color of the year is getting popular in Korea this year.
'Ultra violet', a bluish purple color, has already been released as a variety of items in colors with a myriad artistic sense of mystery, imagination and originality.
You can enjoy the color of this year with various items ranging from jewelery that becomes fashion point to suits that show trendyness.

The 'Pink Lavender', a pale pink color mixed with rose color, is a romantic and soft color that is enough to capture the hearts of women. "Little Boy Blue" color, which gives a feeling of hope, is expected to be popular this year as well.

Finally, 'Chili Oil', which is considered as a trend color this year, will add a flavor to spring styling with its rich, intense and deep color.

Items with color of 2018

2018년 1월 13일 토요일

"Busan Panther"? ... Marvel's upcoming film 'Black Panther' Korean special poster was unveiled

In March of 2017, Marvel studio's ambitious new project 'Black Panther' was filmed in Busan, it was followed by explosive attention from media and South Korea film fans.
The reaction was even hotter because it was the second appearence in Marvel's work after the 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' (2015), which caused the worldwide box office syndrome.

The Busan poster, which was unveiled on 12th January, captivates the audience with a new hero black panther standing at Busan city's landmark,Gwangan Bridge in the background.
Although it was possible to get a glimpse of Busan in the film through the previously released 'Black Panther' trailer, this poster is more meaningful because it was specially made for Korean audiences in commemoration of Busan shooting.

The Black Panther also has a new nickname, 'Busan Panther' in this new special video which was released together with poster, contains a delightful dialogue scene between Chadwick Bossman of Black Panther and Letitia Wright who played Shuri, the princess of Wakanda.

2018년 1월 12일 금요일

Halal food in Korea: more Muslim-friendly restaurants are popping up in Seoul

Malaysian tourist who visited Makan, a Halal restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul said. "I watched a Korean drama in Malaysia and wondered about the original Korean food, but Samgyetang and bulgogi are delicious here as well."

The entire restaurant was crowded with Muslim tourists. "We came to Seoul for a vacation," said six female college students wearing a hijab. "Our hotel is located near Seoul Station but we came here because it is in Itaewon where we can eat halal foods."
In addition to the 'Makan', there are also many Halal Korean restaurants such as 'Eid' at Usadan road in Itaewon which is connected to the Seoul Central Mosque.
At Usadan road, Turkey and Arabic restaurants such as 'Kervan' and 'City Sarah' serve Korean dishes such as bibimbap and jajangmyun in halal style.

In order to be certified as a Halal certified restaurant, the Korean Federation of Muslims and the Korean Halal Certification Authority must undergo the inspection and approval.
The first Korean Halal restaurant, 'Eid' opened in October 2014.

Yoo Hong-jong, owner of the Eid restaurant said, "My son was studying Arabic and brought his muslim friends home.
No matter how delicious it looks they did not eat any meat, I knew Muslims do not eat pork or alcohol but I was surprised to learn that muslims don't eat any meat which is not slaughtered according to islam law" Yoo said that this cultural shock was the reason for opening up Halal Korean Restaurant in Seoul.

The food problem is a "stumbling block" that Muslim tourists from the countries such as Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)and India.
According to the satisfaction Survey conducted by Korea Tourism Organization on 700 Muslim tourists who visited Korea in 2016, satisfactory rate for accommodation facilities(67.0%),shopping places(69.0%),transportation facilities(72.0%) and airport(69.1%) were high while food(46.3%) and religious activities (16.3%) were relatively low.
"I think Koreans think that Korean food is a healthy diet, but the Muslims do not have halal food, so inevitably they only eat vegetarians and fish in the general restaurant," said Alpagho sina(29), Turkish expat living in Korea for 13years . "It is not easy for Muslims to visit Korea unless halal ingredients are used in more restaurants," said Hana Bassam Safi, a business producer at Gulf News in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

In order to alleviate these inconveniences, the Korea Tourism Organization introduced a "Muslim-friendly restaurant classification system" in 2016, allowing domestic residents and tourists to easily find related restaurants.