2018년 10월 3일 수요일

Jo In-sung - Seolhyun 'Celebratory photo for topping 5 million moviegoers?'

The stage greetings of the film 'The Great Battle' are going on at CGV on the Oct 3rd.

According to CGV official website, CGV's Yongsan and Yeongdeungpo branch will hold an stage greetings for this film.

On the spot, director Kim Kwang Sik, Jo In Sung, Seolhyun, Park Byung Eun and Jeong Eun Chae will attend.

'The Great Battle' kept its top spot in box office for 14 consecutive days. (Cumulative number of viewers: 4,727,954)
The film is expected to exceed 5 million viewers this week.

The Great Battle, Ansi fortress is an action blockbuster film that depicts the most dramatic and great victory in the history of East Asia in 88 days.

2018년 9월 4일 화요일

Cute baby, Naeun captivates viewers with her unique charm on KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman.”

Soccer player Park Joo ho's daughter, Naeun captivates viewers with her doll-like appearance and unique charm.
Her name dominates search word charts on portal sites whenever she make a appearence on KBS2 entertainment "Happy Sunday - Return of Superman" and gaining popularity like Choo Sung Hoon's daughter Choo Sarang on the same show few years ago.

Naeun also speakd 4 languages including German with her mom, Korean with her dad, English, and Spanish with her grandmother and she never hesitated to try food that most of baby wouldn't dare to.

On September 2, Na Eun greeted viewers with her adorable bed hair and surprised viewers by eating a bowl of natto for breakfast.
Singer Jang Yoon-jung, who plays the narration, was amazed at the scene, "I've never seen a baby eating natto before." Choo Sung-hoon's daughter Choo sarang has been eating like an adult since she was 3 years old.

After breakfast, Na Eun went to her closet and picked out her own outfit as usual. She got dressed in a princess dress and sang the “Frozen” OST “Let It Go” while dancing around the house.

The father-daughter-son trio set off for a trip to Ulsan. On the bus, the family sat next to three Spanish-speaking tourists. When they asked Na Eun questions, she understood them and responded in Spanish.

Na Eun’s father and soccer player Park Joo Ho said, “I don’t know any Spanish. I knew that Na Eun spoke Spanish with her grandmother, so I knew she was good at it. But it’s been quite a while since she’s lived apart from her grandmother. I was proud of her for not forgetting Spanish.”

“The Return of Superman” airs on Sundays at 4:50 p.m. KST.

2018년 8월 12일 일요일

LG OLED TV ranked best TV of 2018 on review media

LG Electronics recently announced that USA Today's review media 'Reviewed.com' awarded a 10-point for its 55-inch OLED TV as the best TV of the year.

The media said LG OLED TV will continue to be the number one TV ranker this year after last year.

LG also said that the US IT media "Digital Trends" awarded 9 points to LG OLED TV on a 10-point scale.

About speech recognition, LG said, "It is not just the only technology that is worth using now, but also the future of speech recognition technology."

LG Electronics said that major consumer magazine in Europe including QUE CHOISIR in France, OCU in Spain, Rad & Ron in Sweden and Altroconsumo in Italy all ranked LG OLED TV #1 in its performance evaluation.

2018년 6월 27일 수요일

What happend to premium smartphone sales in South Korea?

A new report claims the latest flagships from Samsung, LG and Apple are seeing record-low sales in South Korea.

After the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, LG G7 has also been confirmed to be a flop in Korea.

According to the mobile service provider, the G7 ThinQ series, which was launched in Korea on May 18, was sold 79,194 units for one month. Average daily sales volume is around 3000 units.
The G7 had cumulative sales of 42,000 units for eight days since its launch, but its sales volume has plummeted after that.
Some pointed out that the launch of the G7 ThinQ followed by series of products with similar features and designs such as Q7, Q7 Plus, V35 ThinQ (scheduled for July) was one of reasons for weak sales of G7 in Korea.

LG Electronics' smartphone sales manager said that it was very rare that the average daily sales volume of 3,000 units was reached in less than a month for premium phone.

As with the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, mobile carriers and experts interpreted that the G7 could not overcome decreasing demand for premium smartphones as well.

According to the data obtained by ET News, Apple managed to shift just 475,000 units of the iPhone X via the major South Korean carriers over the course of its first four months, with a peak of 163,000 devices in December and a low of 70,000 in February. The latter figure of which is very weak when the lack of rival launches is taken into account over the tracking timeframe. Also, the total number of units over the period marks the lowest-ever sales figures for an iPhone launch in the country.

In regards to Samsung, the brand certainly faired better than Apple, managing to ship a total of 707,000 Galaxy S9 and S9+ units via carriers since the line’s March launch. However, despite the higher numbers, it’s worth noting that South Korea is the brand’s home country, a territory where its flagship devices tend to perform extremely well. Unfortunately for the giant, though, the sales of its new devices have also set a new record-low for the brand. In fact, for reference, last year’s Galaxy S8 line managed to ship a respectable 1 million units over the two-month period.

Coinciding with a number of previous reports, the cause of the weak demand is once again said to be the higher pricing of the new flagship devices, and the latest report goes on to warn that the slowing sales could potentially become a long-term trend in the premium smartphone market.

2018년 6월 22일 금요일

LG U plus released the Kakao Little Friends phone in Korea

LG U plus released the Kakao Little Friends phone in the nationwide store and official online mall U + shop on the June, 11th.

Kakao Little Friends Phone is a child's mobile phone that applies familiar kakao characters such as Little Ryan and Little Planet to background, lock screen, icons, case, protective film and so on.
Based on Android performance of Samsung Galaxy J3, it provides real-time location inquiry and prevent malicious apps.

The most noticeable feature is real-time location lookup.
Parents can view their child's location in real-time with the Guardian app preinstalled on the phone.
It is also possible to view the surrounding situation by operating the front camera of the child's phone.

There is the control and management functions to prevent harmful content by being pre-blocked to children.
With a guardian Kakao kid app, children can use only allowed app services and the functions such as calls and letters are limited. In order to exit the Kakao Kids app, you need to enter the password set by the parent.

The Kakao Little Friends Phone can be used through the youth special rate which provides basic monthly voice / video calls, letters, and data of 750MB per month with 32,890 won($30) per month (including VAT).

The color of  phone is blue silver and comes with two cases, Little Ryan and Little Muzi.
The background and lock screen can be set to any of the eight Kakao Little Friends characters.

2018년 6월 6일 수요일

Korean Smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2018

Samsung Electronics gained a 60% share of the Korean smartphone market in Q1.

According to Strategy Analytics (SA), a market research firm, Samsung Electronics shipped 3.9 million units in the domestic smartphone market in the first quarter of this year, accounting for 65.3% of the market.

Apple ranks second with 16.7% (1 million units) and LG Electronics third with 12.2% (700,000 units).

Samsung Electronics increased its share compared to the previous quarter or the same quarter of last year due to early release of the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S9 series exceeded 1 million units in domestic market in about 60 days since its launch on March 16.

According to the same survey, Samsung Electronics accounted for 58.2% of the Korean smartphone market in the first quarter of last year. 18.2% for Apple and 14.9% for LG Electronics.

In 4Q of last year, Samsung Electronics' market share dropped to 46.0% due to Apple's 10th year anniversary iPhone X, iPhone 8 and others. Apple's share in the quarter was 28.3%, the highest ever in the Korean market. LG Electronics was 15.7%.

In the first quarter of this year, global smartphone market grew by 2% compared to last year, while domestic smartphone market shipment increased by 9% from 5.5 million to 6 million in the first quarter of last year.

The Seoul City on 43rd anniversary edition of the fashion magazine 'Vogue Brazil'

The cover of the 43rd anniversary edition of the fashion magazine 'Vogue Brazil' featured world-renowned super model Alessandra Ambrosia in Seoul, one of cutting-edge city in the world.

On April 28, a photo from Vogue Brazil on the Instagram showed a surprise to Korean on the other side of the globe.

Vogue Brazil, along with photos, explained that "the exciting city of Seoul was an ideal city to commemorate our 43rd anniversary." The 40 pictures that were released on May 2 did not betray our expectations.
The people who flew 17,570 kilometers captured the streets of Seoul from the stranger's gaze.
The photographer Rafael Pavarotti did not look at Myeongdong or Namsan, which foreign tourists often visit.
Instead, the locals crowded around the Hongdae alley and the suburbs of a quiet temple to find an exotic impression in the frame.
The appearance of Seoul seen from the perspective of foreigners is felt very much to Korean who have a place of life here.

Three weeks after the release of the picture, Vogue Brazil talked about the behind-the-scenes footage in Seoul.
The cover model Alessandra expressed a great surprise by saying "It was more than I imagined". In particular, she said she was impressed with Korea's advanced technology development.
Alessandra, who is famous for the "Eternal Muses of Victoria Secret", is a model that is deeply related to Korea.
She worked as an advertising model for LG in Korea in 2010.
For 8 years since she went back to Brazil, things seemed changed quiet a lot in Korea.

"It was a really special experience to shoot at Wawoo temple."
Brazil vogue photographers who walked every corner of Seoul, such as fancy streets and five-star hotels, caught up with the unexpected place to grab a moment to be a art.
The Wawoo temple in Yongin City captivates the strangers with a unique mood.
Wawoo, a famous temple with a huge 'Budda statue' (8m high), is founded in 1970 by Seo Jae-ja, a Buddhist monk, to pray for the unification of North and South.
Alessandra and Vogue Brazil also built their own miniature stone statue here.

Koreans who have seen photos where the places of their everyday life become the background of the 'Hip' pictorial found it fresh and interesting. However, there were also voices pointing out that those who produced the pictures did not have a deep understanding of Korea.
It is as if the scene that seems to simulate the Harajuku of Tokyo is conspicuous.
Indeed, Vogue Brazil has expressed Hongdae Street as 'Korea's Harajuku' in the pictorial article. However, Hongdae street is distinctive in its own way so that it does not needed to be expressed by the name of another area.

2018년 5월 16일 수요일

Mount Sogeum Swinging Bridge and Museum San in Wonju, Gangwon Province

The government recently released recommended theme tourist course which inspired by scene from TV in Wonju, Gangwon Province to promote domestic travel industry.

The first course was a Mount Sogeum Swinging Bridge. It has never appeared in the drama, but after the installation, crowds rushed in and it was on TV news many times.
Sogeum Mountain means little Mt. Kumgang which is one of the best-known mountains in North Korea.   A 200m long, 1.5m wide walking suspension bridge, the largest in the country, has been completed and is open for public starting January 11. The bridge is part of the Sogeum Mountain hiking trail and spans a chasm between two peaks. 

A cafe terrace overlooking the museum's seminar room where coffee CF was made famous.

I came down from the mountain and got in the car, and the sun shone through the sky.
The Oak Valley, which I found in snowy winters two years ago, looked like another country.
The work of 'Museum San' by Ando Tadao, a world-renowned architect which stood in a lush new greenery, still remained.   Museum San was chosen as one of the tourist attraction for this TV inspired travel course because it was the location for the "Maxim Canoe Advertisement (CF) with actor Gong Yoo".

"Archway" by Alexander Liberman in the water garden at the front of the museum.

However, Museum San is a museum with a lot of content and collection that can not be complimented by a simple history of 'once appeared on TV'.
Ando said that the concept of the museum was designed based on the impression that it is "the cozyness surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature, which is free from the hustle and bustle of the city."
The museum conforms to the topography of the mountain and is composed of total lengh of 700-meter building that leads to the Welcome Center, Flower Garden, Water Garden, Main Building, Stone Garden, and James Terrell Gallery.
The 'Box in Box' 'Concept is in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Korean star who bought a 9 billion-won house for his mother

Actor Jo In-sung has bought a house worth 9 billion won(8,400,000 usd) for his mother and sister, and recently it has been revealed that he has also provided his mom 'Second House' in Jeju Island.

On May 2, Star Today reported that Jo In-sung purchased a high-quality town house in Jeju Island.
The price of the townhouse is estimated at about 1.5 billion won.
Cho In-sung was reported to have visited the house himself before the purchase and looked closely at the structure and facilities. The townhouse seems to be used as the 'second house' for his mom and family.

Jo In sung bought two signature residences for his mother and sister at Lotte World Tower in Seoul.
It is said that the sale price of the two residences is W4.5 billion each.

The fans of Jo In sung responded "It would not be easy to spend 9 billion won for family even if rich," "I envy him," "He is really an devoted son," and so on.

2018년 5월 12일 토요일

Netizens applauded H.O.T Jang Woo-hyuk's good deed

The group H.O.T's Jang Woo-hyuk's heartwarming story was told recently.

On may 1, Netizen A's article came up, saying that he visited the cafe run by Chang Woo-hyuk and witnessed a warm scene by chance.

Mr. A says, "Old lady who was picking up scrap paper and cardborard on street for living was passing by in front of the store and Woo Hyuk who was talking to acquaintance outside, saw old lady and and said "I have to give her a drink."
He went back inside cafe and prepares a buckwheat tea and handed it to old lady.

Mr. A also attached a picture of the back view of Jang Woo-hyuk standing next to the flooded carriage of old lady.
The photos that Mr. A has released spread to many online communities.
Netizens applauded Jang Woo-hyuk's actions, saying, "It is easier said than done."

2018년 5월 7일 월요일

Samsung and LG's new smartphone marketing partnerships with game industry 2018

The lastest smartphone marketing strategies of Korean smartphone makers is the alliance with game industry.
Mobile games are the best content to experience the high-end specifications of smartphones, making it a win-win opportunity for both sides.

On the 4th, LG Electronics announced that it will give Nexon's mobile MMORPG 'Kaiser' game item worth KRW 150,000 as one of the benefits for its customers to commemorate the launch of its next strategic smartphone 'LG G7 ThinkQ'.
One of the four accessory packs that are sold separately is Nexon Kaiser Pack. The Nexon Kaiser pack consists of a 250,000 won Kaiser game item, two leather and hard cases, a spare battery and a cooler mount.
LG Electronics launched the Kaiser App in the LG G7 Square, an experience zone that was opened to the public on April 4, and provided a place to experience the Dark Avenger 3 that was launched before.

LG Electronics has been concentrating on game enthusiasts, mainly by cooperating with Nexon, such as providing the overheat experience zone which is packed with 200 V30 phones at 'G-Star 2017' held in Busan last year.

Samsung Electronics has also provided game items through partnerships with domestic game companies at the time of new product launches.
During the launch of 'Galaxy S9' this year, they worked with Pearl Abys to provide MMORPG 'Black Desert Mobile' game items as well as to optimize the game on the big screen through the mobile accessory Dex Pad.

At the time of the launch of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Electronics has been promoting similar forms of joint promotion such as the Lineage 2 Revolution item of Net Marble Games.

An official of LG Electronics said, "The game is the tool that enables users to experience the smartphone display and sound quality at once." Game users do not simply replace the smartphone for games, but when purchasing a new smartphone, it is important to consider the specifications associated with the game".

Meanwhile, marketing using popular messenger characters is also popular in Korea.
As one of the accessory packs that customers can choose from, G7 ThinQ users will be presented with a "Line Friends Pack" that includes a case with linefriend characters, a wireless charger, and earphones.
Samsung Electronics presented Galaxy S9 pre-buyers with a case of applying Ryan characters from Kakao Friends, while also offering the opportunity to purchase a Ryan Recharging Stand at 5,000 won.

2018년 5월 5일 토요일

'Avengers 3 "was recorded as the fastest grossing foreign film in the Korean box office

The lastest Avengers series 'Avengers: Infinite War' has exceeded the cumulative audience of 7 million in just 11 days. According to the integrated network of the movie theater promotion committee on the 5th, 'Avengers 3' accumulated number of viewers 6,938,188 by the day before.

The number of cumulative audiences has increased to 7,276,301 as of 5th, according to Walt Disney Company Korea.

'Avengers 3 "was recorded as the fastest grossing foreign film in the Korean box office history, reaching 1 million in the second day, two million in the third day, three million in the fourth day, four million in the fifth day, five million in the sixth day and so on.
It also set the best opening day of all time in Korea on April 25th.

2018년 5월 3일 목요일

Kim Nam-ju, Seolhyun and Nana in Chic Black dress at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards

Kim Nam-joo, Seolhyun and Nana revealed chic and stylish charm with a black dress at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards held at COEX D Hall at Gangnam in Seoul on 3rd.

At the red carpet event preceded by this ceremony, while many stars dressed in white-colored dresses, Kim Nam-joo, Seolhyun and Nana attracted attention with a black dress.
Kim Nam-ju and Seolhyeon wore boldly designed dress to reveal their charms while Nana wore incised dress emphasizing her beautiful legs.

2018년 5월 2일 수요일

Ferry from Incheon to Jeju which was discontinued after the "Sewol ferry disaster" will operate again in June 2019

A new operator has been decided recently and a thorough preparation for a safe waterway has begun.

Incheon Port has 12 passenger ship routes such as Baekryeong Island and Yeonpyeong Island, but the passenger ship connecting Incheon to Jeju Island has been stopped running for 4 years since the Sewol ferry incident in 2014.

Due to the constant request from Incheon and Seoul customers, a company operating a 'Pohang - Ulleungdo' route was selected as a new operator of 'Jeju route' ferry at Incheon port.

The Incheon port Office said that among the seven applicants, it was the only company with good financial stability and experience in operating passenger ships.

The company plans to operate ship of 24,000 tons class, which is 3.5 times bigger than "Sewol ferry", from June next year.
The ship which was built two years ago will carry 1,500 passengers and 120 vehicles and can travel 40 kilometers per hour.

As the interest in safety has been higher than ever before since the disaster, we need more thorough preparations such as the expansion of the pier and the safety of night driving.

2018년 3월 16일 금요일

Why are the Korean flag and Pepsi logo so similar?

The opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games was a success. It showed a drone olympic flag, human face shaped bird and wonderful appearance of figure queen Kim Yuna who lighted the olympic flame.

It is said that a lot of foreign netizens who watched Korean flag, Taegeukgi for the first time on this ceremony showed confusion and wondered about its relation to Pepsi logo in SNS.

Few years ago, there was a hypothesis that the logo of Pepsi is very similar to the pattern of Tai Chi, and that the person who made the name 'Pepsi' is Korean.
This rumor says that Pepsi held a public contest for its name and final contestant came up with name "pep" which is sound of opening bottle and "si" which is sound after opening pepsi can.
This contest winner who is Korean suggested pepsi logo which is similar to Korean flag as well.
This rumor in Korea turned out to be false of course.

In reality Pepsi changed its red logo color to red, blue, white for war support in the wake of the American War of the 1940s, and after that it changed its logo shape to a pattern which is similar to Tai Chi.

And the official PyeongChang 2018 Olympics sponsor is not Pepsi, but its rival, Coca-Cola.

2018년 3월 10일 토요일

Ryu Si Won's recent fan meeting in Japan 2018

On March 8th, Ryu si won posted photo on instagram saying "it was happy time, my family whom I am always thankful for." This is a photo of a recent fan meeting in Japan.
In this selfie Ryu smiling behind fans completely filled the seats at the event which confirm his unchanging popularity in Japan.
In addition, he posted another selfie with smoking a cigarette and posing towards the camera.

Netizens who attended the fan meeting responded such as "I was really happy because it was really fun."

2018년 2월 20일 화요일

DMZ which has been uninhabited for over 60 years, is becoming the ultimate heaven for endangered species

Otter, class 1 endangerd specie

The demilitarized zone (DMZ), which has been uninhabited for over 60 years, is becoming the ultimate heaven for endangered species and plants that are gradually disappearing in Korea.
This is why the ecological value of the DMZ, the outcome of the war, is getting new attention.

According to the "DMZ Biodiversity Comprehensive Report" published by the Ministry of Environment and the National Ecology Agency in 2016, which collected the results of ecological surveys conducted in the DMZ for more than 40 years since 1974, a total of 4873 species of wild animals and plants were found in DMZ area.
The surveyed area, the DMZ, is 1557 km 2, which accounts for only 1.6% of the Korean peninsula, but about 20% of the total Korean peninsula species (24,425 species) live here.

In particular, a total of 91 species of endangered species, including 16 species of endangered wildlife class I and 75 species of class ll, were found in the DMZ area. Currently, there are 267 species of endangered wildlife on the Korean peninsula, which means that 34% of them are now endangered species that are concentrated in the DMZ.
In particular, cranes and musk deer were found to live only in the DMZ area. The researchers analyzed that "because of the restricted accessibility of the public for the protection of military facilities and safety reasons, they provided a stable habitat for wild animals and plants."

Following pictures are some of major endangered species that have been identified as living in the DMZ.

Endangered species Class 1 cranes

Endangered Species Class 1 White-tailed sea eagle

Endangered Species Class 2 serpent

Endangered Species Class 2 giant water bug

Endangered Species Class 2 gobiobotia brevibarba

Endangered Species Class 2 slender shiner