2017년 9월 29일 금요일

Endangered species, Blue sea turtles released to the Jeju sea

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries released 83 sea turtles, which are internationally endangered species on the 28th September at the Jungmun Beach in Jeju Island.
A young blue sea turtles smelled the ocean for the first time and is heading for the blue Jeju sea.

Jungmun Saekdal Beach has been used as a sea turtle spawning ground in the past and the average water temperature is maintained at over 14 ℃ even in winter.

2017년 9월 22일 금요일

Seolhyun vs Sulli, received different reception from Korean cinema audience 2017

Seolhyun and Sulli, actresses from a girl group, have had different screen scores in Korea box office.

The movie 'The Memories of the Murderer, starring AoA's Seolhyun, Seol Kyung-gu and Kim Nam-gil, has been on top of box office since September 6th.
It was not unsettled by the opening of foreign blockbusters such as 'Baby Driver' and 'American Made'.
It scored 157,984 audiences as of September 15th(based on the Integrated Screening System of Cinema Promotion Commission).

The response of critics to the movie is also good. The unique setting and the thrilling story based on the solid original story based on the bestseller of the same name by Kim Young-ha has taken the audience's heart and the actors' hot performances are well received.

It is true that Seolhyun, who has been casted with veteran actors such as Seol Kyung-gu, Kim Nam-gil, and Oh-dal su, has been concerned since casting stage, but has grabbed the hearts of the audience with her passion for the film. "I wanted to break out of the existing image I had,"
Seolhyun puts herself down in a thriller movie that is not easy to challenge, and she was able to go further to the footsteps of the actress Kim Sul-hyun.

Sully, who is considered as representative actress from girl group had to taste a bitter result in the movie she was starring this year. Sully met the audience for a long time with the movie ‘Real’ released in June. ‘Real’ is a big blockbuster with a huge production cost of 11.5 billion invested by Asian stars Kim Soo Hyun and Alibaba Pictures in China.

'Real' also gained great attention for the explicit scenes in which Sulli bravely threw away her idol image and went completely nude.
Unfortunately, the film failed to meet the high expectations and was met with harsh criticism. Netizens are even calling it one of the worst films in Korean history.
It only scored 470,107 audiences, less than half of half of the 3.3 million audience break-even points.

Sully, who acted as a rehabilitation therapist, Song Yoo Hwa, sometimes took a provocative yet sometimes pure character and directed a high level of exposure and truth, but did not attract the charm of the character itself and was only used for male gaze. There are too manyscenes that try to show off the sexual attraction of Song Yoo Hwa.

2017년 9월 10일 일요일

Heart-shaped buckwheat field in Pyeong-Chang, Korea

Tourists are having a good time at the '2017 Hyosuk Cultural Festival' held in Byeongpyeong-myeon, Pyeong chang, Gangwon Province on 9th. 
The festival which named "Buckwheat which are beautiful as novel" will be held until 10th.

2017년 9월 7일 목요일

What are the Most Searched Keywords about South Korea by Foreign Tourists 2017?

What do foreign tourists want to know about Korea?
The Korea Tourism Organization (KNTO) analyzed the search terms related to Korean tourism that foreigners used from eight different languages speaking ​​regions through major search engines such as Google (English and German), Baidu (Chinese) and Yahoo(Japanese).

The most searched word in English and German was 'kimchi'.
The 'Shinchon' was the most searched word in China and 'DMZ' in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
In Japanese was K-pop, and French and Spanish were 'Taekwondo'.
Russian is 'allkpop'(K-pop and Korean wave introduction site)'.

In the English-speaking websites, 'Kimchi' was followed by 'Korean drama' and 'Seoul'.
In Japanese sites, 'K-pop' was followed by 'K-drama' and 'Korean language'.

In addition to 'Shinchon', Chinese searched mainly on tourist attractions such as Cheonggyecheon, Garden of Morning Calm and Namsan Tower while Taiwanese and Hong Kong searched about cities such as Busan and Seoul most.

In the German language, most frequently searched topics related to Korean is food such as kimchi as well as bibimbap.
In addition to Taekwondo, Korean language and Korean culture, such as Kpop, became prominent in French and Spanish.

The interest in the PyeongChang Olympic Games is also growing. In the English language, the number of searches for 'Pyeongchang' last year was 53,339, more than three times the number of the 15,592 in 2015.

The number of people searching for Busan also increased.
Japanese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Russian all increased significantly in 'Busan' searches. The tourism industry analyzed that the recognition of Busan has increased due to the influence of the movie "Tran to Busan" overseas.

Social media, which has the largest amount of content related to tourism in Korea, is an instagram. The Korea Tourism Organization analyzed 257,000 contents related to Korean tourism, which was uploaded to social media abroad in February.
Instagram was followed by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog.

The major keywords of Korean tourism appearing in social media were Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Korean food, Kimchi.

2017년 9월 6일 수요일

Lee Hyo-ri rejects TV commercials other than public campaign ads and PPL

Lee Hyo-ri is rejecting many CF proposals over popularity with JTBC entertainment program 'Hyori's Homestay' which is close to 10% audience rating.

According to an official of the advertising industry, "I think it's almost impossible to cast Lee Hyo-ri nowadays, considering her popularity and stature, she can get about 500 to 700 million won per commercial but she is refusing to appear on any CFs so far." he said.

Over five advertisers proposed CF to her after her comeback. The advertising industry is speculating that if all the contracts were made, the revenue could be over 3 billion won.
Representative of kiwi media group said, "I know that Lee is not willing to appear in any commercials other than public interest commercials." "Since her determination is firm, our company first decline politely if the ad proposal comes in"

On the other hand, Lee Hyo-ri agrees with the PPL that it gets from program production to lessen the burden of the production team. The agency said, "The vehicles that appear in 'Hyori's Homestay' are the PPLs brought by the production team." He added, "She understands the position of the production team who need to cover production costs with PPL as much as possible."

Seoul City Transformed Abandoned Oil Depot into a New Cultural Park

Seoul's oil reserves, which have been banned from public access for 41 years are transformed into cultural stock bases for Seoul citizens and opened on the first day of September.
Choi Yoon-jong, head of the Seoul Metropolitan City Blue City, said, "The abandoned Mapo Oil Depot, which stands as a historic icon to Seoul's industrial past was banned for public access and use for more than 40 years and now it will be transformed into a multi-cultural space where festivals, performances and exhibitions are held throughout the year.

The Mapo Oil depot was built to provide a stable supply of oil during the first oil shock triggered by the 1973 Middle East War. Since then, it was classified as a dangerous facility when building the Sangam World Cup Stadium to host the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

The newly constructed complex cultural space is equivalent to 22 soccer fields (area: 142,000 square meters). There is an open space (Cultural Garden, 35,212㎡) in which activities such as performances, marketplaces, and picnics can be held, and six tanks (T1 ~ T6, 10,410㎡) surround the area.

Tanks that used to store gasoline, diesel, bunker C oil, etc., were recycled while kept intact its original form as much as possible as a facility for culture and space.
Old and rusty oil tanks turned into New York's Apple Store-like glass dome (T1), theater (T2), and the space that makes you feel like you are in the woods (T4).
It is about 7 minutes walk from the World Cup Stadium station of Seoul Subway Line 6.

Since its official opening, various cultural events such as the citizens' market and music festival are held. Seoul has already selected 40 teams to run these programs throughout all year.

2017년 9월 5일 화요일

LEE SANGMIN Takes The Top Spot On Variety Show Stars Brand Reputation Index For September 2017

Lee Sang Min has topped the list of top variety show broadcasters rankings in terms of brand value for September 2017.

According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, Lee Sang Min was at the top of the September data, followed by Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung soo.
33,385,505 pieces of data were analyzed from August 1st to September 2nd for 36 variety show stars.
Lee Sang Min had a total of 3,570,287 to rank him at #1 for the month.

The brand reputation index is an index that classifies brand big data into brand value, communication value, media value, and social value according to consumer behavior analysis.
The brand reputation index of variety show broadcasters was analyzed by participation index, media index, communication index and community index.

Top 20 of brand value list for Korean variety stars for September, 2017 are Lee Sang Min, Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Kim Jong Kook, Seo Jang Hoon, Lee Soo Keun, Park Nara, Kim Gun Mo, Kim Sook, Kim Byung man, Jun Hyun Moo,Lee kwang soo, Lee Young Ja, Haha ,Kim Gura, Cha Tae hyun, Yang Se hyeong.