2017년 5월 30일 화요일

Hannah Kim, Korean American who met 200 Korean war veterans in 24 countries

Since January, Hannah Kim(Korean name Kim Ye-jin, 34) traveled to 24 countries that took part in a Korean war across the world for four months starting from Los Angeles, USA, where she met two hundred Korean war veterans, and Hannah Kim (left) takes a picture with British veterans of the Korean War.

"We are still in a state of truce," she said in an interview with the Yonhap news, "I hope people don't forget that the 6/25 war is past, but 7/27 is the present and the future." she proposed to make the day of the armistice July 27th 'peace day' of the year.

Kim was a senior aide to former US Congressman Charles Langle (86), who retired from Washington DC in 2016 December.
Kim left the Washington with the retirement of Langel in order to meet the Korean war veterans around the world in person and to carry out her goal of expressing gratitude.

Charles Langle is former veteran of the Korean War and admirer of Korea who served as a member of the parliament for 46 years, led the resolution of the victims of the comfort Korean women(sexual slavery)of the Japanese military during second world war in 2007, a resolution calling for reunion of separated families due to Korean war in USA and led the establishment of the 6.25 war memorial.

Kim started her journey from Los Angeles on January 19th and after going to Canada - Colombia - United Kingdom - Russia Moscow - Sweden Europe - Greece - Turkey - South Africa - Ethiopia - India - Thailand - Philippines - Australia - New Zealand - Japan - China - Busan - Russia Vladivostok, she finally came to Seoul on May 19th.

Kim finished her journey with her own money from severance pay and contribution and encouragement collected by relatives, friends and fellow politicians.

Kim remembers the story of the veterans whom she met on this journey.
Sometimes she pulled out the pictures of veterans stored on her smartphone and showed it during interview and told the story of many notes she wrote on the site to write a book later.
Throughout the interview, she called veterans "grandfather" and "grandmother."

"I am very much in thought of what I should do for the realization of true peace on the Korean Peninsula and I am praying that I will achieve it everyday."

2017년 5월 29일 월요일

Similar but different: Ha ji won and Seolhyun in white tee and jean fashion

The so-called 'white tee and jeans' is the normcore fashion trend that can be utilized in all the seasons all the time. If you wear plain t-shirts and pants with a neat jacket, you can easily complete styling on that day.

Actress Ha ji won attended the VIP premiere of the movie "The Merciless" held at CGV at Wangsimni Seoul on the May 11th.
On this day, Hajwon showed a personalized fashion that matches English printing t-shirts and skinny jeans neatly.

The group AOA SeolHyun attended same event and showed a similar styling like Ha ji won.
Seolhyun showed chic style that matches chic boot-cut pants with a generous fit jacket.

2017년 5월 28일 일요일

"Goddess in the playground" AOA's Seolhyun

The girl group AOA's Seolhyun released a picture showing her cute daily life.

On the 27th, Seolhyun posted a picture on her instagram with an title called 'big face shot'.

In the photo, there was a picture of Seolhyun on a swing at the playground.

She looks more attractiveIt with smile that seems to be enjoying leisurely returning to the innocence of childhood.

Meanwhile, Seolhyun ranked first in the "Advertising Female Model Brand Recognition in May, 2017"list conducted by Korea Ratings Corporation which surveyed 50 female ad models from April 25 to May 26.
The second place is the singer and actress IU, and the third place is the actress Kim Ji Won.

2017년 5월 24일 수요일

Korean audience think actor Song Kang Ho's film is sure hit.

Data Spring Korea conducted a survey of 15,307 people from the May 13th to 17th on which actor or actress they relied on the most to watch a movie and Song Kang-Ho came in first with 28.3%.

Song Kang-ho debuted with play "Little Monk" in 1991 and starred in movies such as "Green Fish"(1997), "The Quiet Family"(1998), "Shiri"(1998) and more.
Since then, he starred in "The Foul King", "Memories of Murder", "The Host", "Secret Sunshine", "Thirst", "Snowpiercer", "The Attorney", "The Throne" and so many more.
He is now one of the most renowned actor in Korean film industry.

Song Kang-ho ranked first followed by Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-sik and Kim Hye-Soo and so on.

Meanwhile, Song Kang-ho is starring in the new movie "Taxi Driver" which is based on Gwangju Uprising in the 1980s.

Song Kang-Ho won this survey in 2015 with Tom Crusie in most favored Hollywood actor category by Korean audience as well.

2017년 5월 21일 일요일

Korea’s top female climber Kim Ja-in succeed to climb the 555-metre Lotte World Tower in Seoul

Korea’s top female climber and international winner Kim Jae-in (28) succeeded in climbing the 123-story, 555-meter-high Lotte World Tower whcih is world’s sixth-highest man-made structure in two hours and 29 minutes.

Kim Jae-in set out to climb the World Tower with her bare hands at the 'Kim Jain Challenge 555' event at Jamsil Lotte World Tower in Songpa-gu, Seoul on May 20.

Kim started climbing at 11 o'clock on the day, did not install artificial handles (hold) on the outer wall of the building but climbed at a fast speed using only the holes in the tower's own structure.

When Kim climbed 1 meter, Kim earned 10,000 won and contributed a total of 5.55 million won($5000) for donation.

The challenge was broadcasted live online.

“I hope the challenge will give hope to our people going through hard times,” Kim said on the interview with media

Since 2009, Kim has won 25 International Federation of Sport Climbing World Cup events and 11 Asian championship events.


2017년 5월 14일 일요일

Oldies, but goodies: 5 best bakeries with long history in Seoul

Even though the new array of unique bakeries and cafés known as 'Hot Place' are popping up in Seoul every day, the reputation of the bakeries that boast long history and tradition remains.
These are five bakeries in Seoul that have been popular for many decades.

Kim Young-mo, designated as “Korea’s master baker” by the government in 2007, may be one of the most popular bakers in the country, but his delectable and luxurious breads, cookies, pastries, cakes and chocolate are as rare as they are delectable and irresistible. This is because only four Kim Young-mo bakeries currently exist. All are concentrated in southern Seoul.
Kim Young-mo bakery's steady seller is salad bun. It is an excellent dish with a hearty old sauce mixed with crispy cabbage.
Kim began nurturing his legacy with the opening of his first shop in 1982 in Seocho-dong. Focused on building a surefire foundation for a timeless bakery, it wasn’t until 1994 that he opened a second shop, while the most recent one was in 2000. The other two shops can be found at the Dokok Yeoksam Lucky Apartment complex and in Banpo-dong.

The Taeguk-dang, which is located in the intersection of Changchung Gymnasium, first opened the shop by buying the Japanese bakery 'Midoriya' at Myeongdong in 1946.
In 1974, it moved to the present place, Changchung-dong.
In December 2016, the shop reopened after remodeling.
It is such a famous place and after being open for a period of 70 years, quite often it is told that all three generations in a family (grandmother, mother and daughter) all had their share of the history and bread here.
Monaka Ice-cream, salad bun and red bean bread are favorites here.

The Napoleon bakery, which has many branchs in various areas of Seoul including Sungbuk-dong, Bangbae-dong, Seorae Village, Gangnam New Core department store and Apgujeong-dong, opened its shop in 1968. Napoleon bakery has a variety of steady best seller such as whole red beans bread and salad buns as it is common among old bakeries.

Hyoja Bakery, located in Tongin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, boasts a 30-year tradition.
It is more famous as bakery supplier for 'Cheong Wa Dae', presidential residence of Korea.
Corn bread which is filled with fresh corn and onion is a long-established best seller for Hyoja bakery.
Hyoja bakery is reigning as one of the top 3 bakeries in Seoul with Kim Young-mo and Napoleon bakery.

Richemont bakery was opened in 1979 by Kwon Sung-bum, a bakery master, and continues to be popular for two generations.
Second shop has also opened at Seogyo-dong starting with the headquarter of Seongsan-dong, Seoul.
Seongsan-dong first store is operating as a bakery academy as well.
Richemont's cream puffs and chestnut Bread are especially popular.
Richemont bakery is now creating a new flavor mixed with past and present through peanut dacquoise.

2017년 5월 10일 수요일

LG smartphones' US and Global market share is rising in the first quarter of 2017

LG Electronics' smartphone business is booming again.
In the first quarter of this year, LG climbed to the third place in the US market, surpassing the 20% market share for the first time right behind Samsung Electronics (24.6%)
in second place.
LG ranked from seventh to sixth in the global market as well.

The premium smartphone V20 launched in the second half of last year, as well as mid- and low-end products such as X series and K series seemed to be popular. In addition, the G6, a premium smartphone that launched in March, is enjoying good response at domestic market and abroad, suggesting that market share will continue to rise after the second quarter.

LG Electronics has been focusing on global marketing since its launch of the G6, which is expected to boost LG's market share in second quarter.

On May 9th, according to Strategy Analytics (SA), a market research firm , LG Electronics ranked third in the US smartphone market with a 20.0% market share in the first quarter. That was up 2.9 percentage points from the 17.1 percent a year ago.
In the North America market including Canada, LG Electronics' market share rose 19.6%, up 3 percentage points from 16.6% a year earlier.
In the global market, LG Electronics showed an upward trend as well.
In the first quarter of this year, LG Electronics shipped a total of 14.8 million units, 1.3 million units more than the previous year (13.5 million units), with a market share of 4.2%, ranking sixth in the global market.
Market share rose 0.1 percentage from 4.1 percent a year earlier.
Xiaomi, which was sixth in the same period last year, lost its sixth position to LG Electronics with a market share decline of 3.6% from 4.4%.

The rise of LG's smartphones is attributed to the steady popularity of the V20.
Launched in the US at the end of October 2016, the V20 was highly acclaimed for its excellent video shooting and high-performance audio.

2017년 5월 3일 수요일

Beach for foreigners opening soon in eastcoast of Korea.

Beach for foreigners will be operated in Donghae, Gangwon Province soon.

Donghae city announced on the April, 26th that it plans to run a beach for foreign tourists starting in May ~ June at the auto camping resort of Mangsang Beach, which boasts the best white sand beach among east coast.
City plans to operate for 30 days prior to the full-fledged opening of beach.

The weather is relatively warm even before the opening of the beach, so it will not be difficult for foreigners to enjoy the tanning and beach sports they prefer.

This beach will be also available to locals.

Through DBS Cruise Ferry, the only ferry in the country which connects Korea, Russia and Japan, many Russian tourists enter the Donghae port during peak season and winter season.

However, foreigners who visits beaches during peak season can not enjoy beach leisure such as beach tanning and beach volleyball because of the dense parasol.

For the first time, the city has decided to allow foreigners to freely enjoy beach sports and tanning in some parts of the beach in the Auto Camping Resort.

For the convenience of foreigners and domestic tourists who use the beach, the management headquarters will be set up in Mangsang Auto Camping Resort, and self-health center, life rescue staffs, changing room and luggage room will be operated.

At the beach, tour guide interpreters will be working at all times to reduce the inconvenience of foreign visitors as well.