2016년 4월 25일 월요일

Pink obsession: Korea's new smartphones and IT devices available in pink

Pantone, a New York-based brand that specialized in color have introduced Rose Quartz as the PANTONE  Color of the Year 2016.

As if responding to this prospects, Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S7 in pink gold.

Among four colors of G5, LG's latest smartphone, pink is by far the most popular.

Pink craze has led to other IT devices.

Samsung and LG, Apple etc, successively introduced a pink laptop as well as speakers, headsets and even pink smartwatch recently.

"In the past, people had stereotype that pink is only for women, blue for man but recently this trend have disappeared. I think pink color can captivate both male and female customers." Lee Jun Ho, Samsung Electronic Communications Team Manager said, during the interview.

Wind of pink is blowing through South Korean IT industry, and flutter both women and men.

2016년 4월 24일 일요일

Three exotic train travel experiences in South Korea.

Traveling by train is gaining popularity here in South Korea.
One of Korea's largest travel agency, Webtour recommend three exotic train travel experiences.

Railbike in South Korea is a popular Korean fun activity for whole family and now it’s becoming tourist attraction also. the best activities that you can exercise your legs and sightseeing the beautiful of nature surrounded you and it’s won’t be bored at all, you can do in different season and the most beautiful time is Spring from March-May and Fall from September-November when the weather is not too hot nor cold.

The popular Railbike locations include Gangchon railbike park near Nami Island, Seomjingang river railbike and Yeosu ocean railbike which runs the nation's coastline along the railbike trail, etc.

Tour programs such as Hyangilam Sunrise for two days without sleeping tour on Mugunghwa Train and Yeosu+Suncheon one night two days tour on KTX offers visitors a opportunity to visit nearby tourist spot, eat at famous local restaurant and ride railbike at the same time.

 Korea offers plenty of breathtaking scenery, though some of the region is less accessible than major cities due to its rugged geography.

In 2013, Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail) introduced special railroads V-train to cater for tourists and locals to enjoy the spectacular views of mountains, cliffs and valleys along the ride.

The mountain train, named V-train, takes a round trip down Baekdudaegan, a mountain range which runs most of the length of the Korean Peninsula, from Baekdusan in the north to Jirisan in the south. The train runs through Buncheon Station in Gyeongsangbuk-do and Cheolam Station in Gangwon-do.  The character “V” in V-train stems from the V-shaped gorge and the word “Valley.” V-train travels 27.7 kilometers back and forth from Bunchen Station to Chulam Station (Gangwon-do). This 70-minute round trip will be available three times a day.

The train also offers observatory rooms for comfortable sightseeing in the rear car. From Buncheon Station to Seokpo Station, the train will slow to 30 kilometers per hour, so passengers can enjoy the entrancing landscape presented by the valley of Bonghwa, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Korea’s eastern coastline is known for having some of the most scenic rocky cliffs and ocean views in the nation.

The Donghae Sea Train is a tourist train, traveling over 58km, connecting Jeongdongjin, Donghae, and Samcheok.
Running along the beautiful East Coast, every seat is tailored to see the ocean and windows are larger than those of regular trains for visitors to overlook the majestic waves, elegant beaches, and the emerald-blue ocean.
Revamping three passenger cars, the Sea Train boasts a unique façade, seamlessly intermingling with the surrounding coast.

The Sea Train offers a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy the blue ocean on the East Coast and its vibrant vibes changing every season. Each stopping station is also unique in its own way, adding to the pleasure of the tour.

2016년 4월 19일 화요일

SBS new drama "Entertainer" leads, Ji sung and Hyeri took pictorial shoot for 'InStyle' magazine

On march 19, fashion magazine 'InStyle' unveiled a couple pictorial shoot with Ji Sung and Hyeri just in time for new wednesday-thursday drama "Entertainer" premiere this week on SBS.

New drama Entertainer‘s leads got together for a glossy photo spread and attracted attention in various poses and facial expression in this pictorial under the theme of "Meeting of the producer and diva".

Ji sung and Hyeri wearing neat suit and red two-piece dress were taking playful pose up on a ladder in relesed photos.

Ji sung and Hyeri's new pictorial will be on 'InStyle' magazine in May and their new drama “Entertainer” is set to premiere on April 20.

2016년 4월 11일 월요일

LG G5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7: LG Sales Beating Samsung In South Korea

In first week of april 2016, LG G5 sales have outstripped the Samsung Galaxy S7 sales in two company's home market of South Korea, according to smartphone sale report from the ATLAS Research & Consulting.

In terms of Korean cellular carrier share for the G5,  LG U+ G5 models have earned the top spot simultaneously with the launch, KT and SK Telecom's G5 model earned 4th and 5th spot respectively.

Samsung Electronics's market share stood at 58.9%, down 11.7% compared to the previous week.
LG Electronics has recorded a share of 29.9%, up 13.5% from the previous week.
Apple's market share was 8.3%, 0.9% decline compared to the previous week since LG and Samsung remain strong and potential demand in iPhone SE.

2016년 4월 1일 금요일

South Korea want to mimic the success of "Winter Sonata" with “Descendants of the Sun”

“Descendants of the Sun” is a 16-episodes drama telling a love story between an army captain and a female doctor, who are on a mission together in a fictional war-torn country called Uruk to save lives.
The drama achieved an immense success in Asia especially in China and other part of globe such as middle east even though having only aired 10 episodes so far.
The drama was translated to over 32 languages and it’s expected to gain more popularity with upcoming episodes.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism confirmed the upcomming Hallyu Expo in China and drama “Descendants of the Sun” tour site commercialization plan at Hallyu planning group meeting held at Nuridream Square, Mapo-gu, Seoul on March 31.
Hallyu planning group unveiled the plan to turn filming sites into tourist destinations during a meeting.
The filming locations include 'dal.komm coffee' chain stores around Seoul, Gangwon Jeongseon Samtan art Mines and Taebaek Hanbo mine, Camp Greaves at Paju demilitarized zone(DMZ).

Nami Island, one of filming locations of mega-hit drama "Winter Sonata" which aired on 2002 has been attracting nearly one million tourists annually and the 2013-2014 drama "My Love from the Star" brings some two million tourists a year into South Korea.

The “Descendants of the Sun” was not over, but South Korean and Chinese tourists are already rushing to the filming spots to reenact the romance between the Song couple.

There has been some market speculation that the drama will generate more than three trillion won (2.7 billion US dollars) worth of economic effects.