2015년 1월 26일 월요일

Global top ten smartphone vendors 2014

Samsung smartphones captured record market(32.5%) share with galaxy s4 in 2013, leaving iPhones far behind but 2014 was a difficult year for Samsung as its market share dropped to 28% compared with 32.5% of the previous year.
Nonetheless, Samsung retained its number one position. Samsung’s large-size, high-end Galaxy Note series faced stiff challenges from iPhone 6 Plus, while its midlevel and low-end smartphone shipments were undercut by inexpensive Chinese brands. As a result, Samsung’s overall shipment target had undergone downward revisions since the beginning of 2014, with annual growth in shipments only at 8.4% (around 326.4 million units).

In 2014, Apple maintained its high annual growth rate of 24.5%, which translates to 191.3 million units shipped worldwide for the entire year. With 16.4% market share, Apple was a solid number two in the worldwide smartphone rankings. Apple’s position was attributed to the success of its first large-size smartphone model, the iPhone 6 Plus. This new category addressed Apple’s lack of smartphones with above 5” screens and thus significantly raised the fourth quarter shipping ratio.

As for LG, its strategy of “promoting high quality products at low prices” paid off with strong market reception to its flagship smartphone models, ranging from G2/G2 Pro to the newest G3. “Right now G3 is the first smartphone outfitted with a 2K screen that gives users better viewing experience,” said Wu, “and this showed LG’s advantage of having a display panel manufacturer as under its wings.” For that reason, LG was the dark horse of 2014 with its ranking jumped up to number four and annual shipment growth at 75.4% (70 million units shipped).

2015년 1월 22일 목요일

Apple Is Threatening Samsung and LG's Mobile Dominance in Korea

The Korean smartphone market has been considered a “graveyard” of foreign brands.
Samsung and LG rose to dominate the local market so heavily for many years but Apple has set sales records for itself in Korea courtesy of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus recently.

On 21st, Wall Street Journal and other major foreign press reported citing the market investigation result of counter-point, market research agency.

Apple claimed 33 percent of the market last November, more than doubling the 15 percent share it held prior to the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This puts it well ahead of South Korean brand LG (14 percent) and not far behind Samsung itself, whose market share slipped from 60 percent to 46 percent.

"No foreign brand has gone beyond the 20 percent market share mark in the history of Korea’s smartphone industry," said Counterpoint mobile analyst Tom Kang in a press statement.

Shares of Apple rose significantly in Japan and China as well.
In the first quarter of 2015, Apple's iPhone sales are expected to hit  record high.

2015년 1월 21일 수요일

Actor Ryu Si-Won's 5years of marriage has finally come to an end.

Actor Ryu si won's 5yrs of marrige has finally come to an end.

On 21st, Seoul Family Court ruled in favor of his wife in a divorce case filed against Ryu.
The Seoul Family Court ordered Ryu to pay 30 million won (US$27,700) in alimony to his wife Cho, recognizing the actor's responsibility in the marriage's demise, also they ordered him to split 15% of 2.7 billion won($2,500,000), assets which Ryu formed during the marriage considering the contribution of his ex-wife, Ms Cho.

Cho has the custody, Ryu can contact her daughter twice a month until she becomes adult, Ms. Cho was granted a 2.5million won($2,400) per month in child support as well.

They got married in 2010 and were in messy divorce trial since 2012.
In 2013, the Supreme Court has fined actor Ryu Si won seven million won ($6,900) for illegally monitoring his wife's whereabouts by installing GPS in her car and physically abusing her.
Ryu si won is bringing a new lawsuit against Cho, accusing her of lying about him in previous court proceedings and Cho is currently on trial at the Seoul Central District Court.

2015년 1월 19일 월요일

Actor Kim Woo bin at his second fan meeting tour in Shenzhen,China.

Actor Kim Woo-bin has proven his popularity overseas at his second asia fan meeting tour in Shenzhen,China.

On 19th, Kim Woo-bin posted his selfie from fan meeting with the saying " Thanks to Shenzhen!,i was happy and i look forward to meet fans here again." on his Weibo(Chinese SNS).

Last year, Kim Woo Bin successfully held his first fan meeting tour in various venues, attracting more than 12,000 fans. It’s noted especially for his event in Taiwan, all tickets were sold out completely in just 5 minutes of sales, proving the actor’s popularity across Asia.

Kim Woo-bin will continue to meet fans from six cities in the Asia Tour at Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia this month.

2015년 1월 17일 토요일

Lee Jong Suk's Long Outwear Fashion in Drama 'Pinocchio'

Now that SBS drama 'Pinocchio' went off the air on 15th, passionate journalist Choi dalpo's (played by Lee Jong-suk) style in drama has emerged as a boyfriend look among many female viewers.

Lee Jong-suk displayed distinctive long outerwear look in dramatic episode which aired on 14th.
Slim fit long padded coat made Lee jong suk's tall and handsome look even better.
Especially Lee Jong-suk completed his active and playful reporter look by adding a black backpack to his all-black look in this episode.

This Long padded coat by men's designer brand 'ENTROFE' is priced at $900 in Korea.

2015년 1월 14일 수요일

Global Korean Wave Fan club members increased more than doubled in 2014.

KF (Korea Foundation) said on 12th, the number of global online Korean wave clubs's members have increased 12.82 million people over the previous year.

According to the 2014 Status of Korean Wave worldwide report, number of online hallyu clubs are 1248 organized in 97 countries and the total number of members was estimated at 21,822,402 people.
In 2013. there were 987 hallyu groups in 78 countries with 9 million members.
The Hallyu fan count has increased more than doubled in the past year.

current numbers of Korean wave clubs by region and countries

2015년 1월 13일 화요일

New landmark or Waste of Tax? The sculpture from the 2006 hit movie "The Host"

The sculpture modeled after the monstrous creature from the 2006 hit movie "The Host" is being displayed at Seoul's Yeouido Han River Park.

The film, directed by Bong Joon-ho, features a monster created as a result of chemicals being dumped into the Han River. The hideous creature emerges from the water and terrorizes the city.

The sculpture is three meters tall and 10 meters high and weight is over five tons.
When you approach closer to statue, you can even hear the sound of monster.

This sculpture was created with the idea of Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon to make new landmark of the Han River and storytelling through Sculpture.

However, it can only look nasty and ugly to those who have not seen the movie and foreigners.
And the film was released eight years ago so people might rarely feel sympathy nor understand this statue.

Even though there's nothing wrong with making new landmark, many netizens who saw the news pointed out that their tax should be spent more carefully.

2015년 1월 9일 금요일

The Banana is The Best Selling Fruit in Korea and Strawberry and Cherry are catching up

Last year statistics showed a surge in popularity of strawberries and cherries among domestic consumers.
Bananas kept top spot in annual sales for four consecutive years since 2011.

Lotte Mart analyzed the 2014 sales of fruit on Jan 7th.
Top 5 most popular fruits in terms of sales are bananas,tangerine,strawberries,watermelons and apples.

Strawberries moved up to 3rd spot in 2014 from 5th spot in previous year.
Following the strawberry, watermelon, apples, tomatoes, imported grapes, grapes, melons, etc took 4-9 spots and cherry had first entered the top ten annual sales in 2014.

Lotte Mart said that cherry's breakthrough in Korean fruit market was thanks to the the Korea-US free trade agreement (FTA) which reduced 24% of tariff  and lowering exchange rate which leads to higher price competitiveness last year.

Samsung's world's best technology looks better at CES 2015 (110-inch SUHD 8K glassless 3d TV )

Samsung unveiled a new line of curved SUHD TVs at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that are packed with an astounding number of pixels. The new line of television sets use quantum dot technology to bring sharper contrasts, more accurate color, and brighter images.

Among the Samsung's new line of SUHD TV, 110-inch SUHD 8K glassless 3d TV attracted most crowds at CES 2015.
You can enjoy the vivid 3D screen without having to wear 3D glasses


2015년 1월 3일 토요일

Hit Products that gripped the Korea in 2014

Self-portrait photographs, better known today as "selfies", know no geographical, gender or age boundaries.
The "selfie" craze has gone global in recent years and Korea was no exception.
Selfie stick which helps you take selfies has been one of best selling products on internet shopping mall in Korea last year.
Korea was one of country which sold most selfie stick in the world last year.
Time magazine named the selfie stick one of the best inventions of the 2014.

Haetae Confectionary & Foods Co., the second-largest confectionary company in South Korea, introduced Honey Butter Chip in August, and sales have gone through the roof. The company is scrambling to hire thousands of new employees to increase production of the popular chip, which the company says is made with “French butter and acacia honey.”
The item is so popular, when checking for online sellers 3 bags can cost over $60 when a single bag in Korea retails for $1.50.
Stores have begun putting up signs saying they do not have the chips in stock due to the influx of calls asking about them and there have been national headlines regarding their popularity.

Giant inflatable rubber duck installation by Dutch artist Hofman floats in the middle of Seokchon Lake, Jamsil for one month(Oct,14th ~ Nov,14th) drew large crowds to the lake and many artists and K-pop idols have taken to their SNS to express their love of the duck.
Sponsored by Lotte Group and as a part of promoting the controversial Lotte World Tower, which is located nearby, this huge duck is standing tall at 54 feet high and weighing about 300 kilograms.
The “Rubber Duck Project” started in the year 2007 in Amsterdam and after that has travelled to cities such as Belgium, Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, and Pittsburgh etc.

Other popular products that has swept the nation in 2014 include Macadamia nuts (due to nut scandal by Cho Hyun-ah, now former vice president of Korean Air), Mario Happy Meal toys (hundreds of Koreans lining up at McDonald’s before sunrise in hopes of snagging a toy from the special edition Super Mario 25th anniversary set on may 31st and june 16th,) and power ranger dino force toy  which began selling in august after new power ranger series aired since july in Korea.